Please complete this application if you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Penrose Hospital. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Contact Information

Reasons for Wanting to Volunteer

Emergency Contact

Condition and Commitments of Volunteering

*Prior to beginning volunteer service, all volunteers will be tested for Tuberculosis as this is a requirement in the healthcare environment. This is done via an intravenous blood draw. Penrose-St. Francis will provide the testing.

*Volunteers will complete the necessary trainings and department orientation as determined by their specific assignment.

*The Volunteer Services Department reserves the right to decline any application.

*I understand that there is an inherent risk of contracting a contagious illness when working in a healthcare facility. The hospital requires and provides for active volunteers, the Influenza vaccination annually and the Tuberculosis Quantiferon blood draw. I certify that I am responsible for discussing my volunteer service at the hospital and all recommended vaccinations with my personal physician/health care provider. Any other vaccinations are my responsibility to obtain at my personal cost.

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