Upon completion of this form you may go to Second Glance Resale Shop to serve your hours. Please bring your court paperwork and see Karen Knox, Store Manager. NOTE: Service availability is on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED basis. You may be turned away due to lack of need at that time. Thank you.

Personal Information

Demographic Information

Emergency Contact

Who should be contacted in case of an emergency?

Probation Officer


Policy & Procedures:

- Must be able to perform at least 2 hours of service prior to checking in.

- Day 1 of service will only be 2 hours as an orientation.

- You will be assigned a Staff member on arrival. You are expected to perform assignments given, without idle time.

- 15 minute breaks are allotted every 4 hours with approval by Staff.

- Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated while volunteering and you will be immediately signed out.

- Dress code is work casual. No open toed shoes, sleeveless shirts or short shorts.

- Theft is strictly prohibited. Items may be purchased or shopped after signing out for the day.

- Cell phones, head phones and other electronics are not prohibited unless on break. Special permission for emergency circumstances only.

- You are required to sign in/out to receive credit. We are not responsible for maintaining your hours or your paperwork.

- Personal items may be kept at cashier stand. We are not responsible for items left behind.

- We operate as first come first served based on the current day work load. Please do not call to inquire if you can work that day. The number of CSRs present changes quickly. First come first served that are here and present. You cannot call to reserve a spot.