Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Fishline Food Bank & Comprehensive Services volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the continue button at the bottom.

Fishline is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to provide supportive services to residence of Poulsbo, Keyport, and Suquamish. Any client, volunteer, employee, or vendor shall not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.

Volunteer COVID-19 Guidelines:

• You must sign a sign-in waiver and check your temperature at the beginning of each shift.
• You are required to wear a mask and gloves during your shift. Mask and gloves are provided.
• We have asked our volunteers who may be at risk or not feeling well to please stay home and take care of themselves.
• We are following updated CDC guidelines and strongly recommend those with an underlying medical health condition (e.g. chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) etc.) to not volunteer at this time.
• No minors (under the age of 16) are allowed at this time.

Contact Information

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Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Areas of Interest

Please indicate the area(s) in which you are interested in volunteering:
1) Food Bank & Comprehensive Services
2) Second Season Thrift Store
3) Other (include explanation)
Detailed descriptions are available on our website: Or, you may contact the Volunteer Coordinator for specifics.


Do you have any limitations that require special accommodations in order to perform specific duties such as standing or completing repetitive tasks?

Are you able to lift up to 40 lbs.?

Communications Preferences


Please read the following, check the appropriate box if you agree then click continue.
• I understand this is a volunteer position and I will not be paid for my services.
• I will fully support the Mission and adhere to the policies of North Kitsap Fishline which can found at:
• I agree to a Washington State Patrol driving record check if I am driving.
• I consent to a background check, if required. I have signed the Release and Waiver of Liability document.
• I received and acknowledge the Volunteer Handbook.
Note: if you are under 18, a parent or guardian signature will be required prior to volunteering.