Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Please complete this application form to start the process. Blanks with an asterisk are required. Once you complete your application, click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of this form. If you have any questions please contact Botanical Garden Volunteer Support at or 515.323.6293.

Please note: At this time, we do not fill court appointed community service hours. If you are applying to volunteer as a group, please complete the Group Volunteer Application instead.

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Experience / Interests

Please check any listings below in which you may have experience or interest. If applicable to area of interest, please indicate your horticulture skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as well as other information you would like us to consider as part of your application in the comment box below.


Please indicate days and times you are usually available to volunteer. If interested in a short-term volunteer role, please specify the length of time you are available in comment box below. If applying for one-time event, please indicate which event and date in comment box below (e.g., Earth Day event, Spring Garden Festival on Saturday, family break activity in December, etc.).

Emergency Contacts

Please provide up to two emergency contacts. You must have at least one emergency contact on file before you can volunteer.


The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden ("Botanical Garden") provides excess volunteer accident insurance to pay for medical expenses incurred by a volunteer from an injury arising out of or in the course of volunteering at the Botanical Garden. The insurance does not replace or compensate for any loss of wages should a volunteer-related injury prevent a volunteer from carrying out duties associated with paid employment outside of the Botanical Garden. Volunteers must report any volunteering-related injury immediately (or within 24 hours) to the work supervisor and/or Volunteer Coordinator so that the necessary paperwork can be completed in a timely manner.
All volunteers are expected to use reasonable caution when carrying out tasks. No one should be volunteering while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or inappropriate use of medications that might impair their ability to perform activities safely or present a safety hazard to others.
By checking "I agree" you hereby acknowledge that you understand and are aware of the potential risks of personal injury and property damage which can or may occur and that you assume all such risks and take responsibility for your safety while volunteering at the Botanical Garden. This agreement is binding on all heirs, representatives and assigns.
By checking "I agree" you certify that you have read this document, understand its terms and provide it to the Botanical Garden with the intent that the Botanical Garden rely upon it.
By checking "I agree" you are certifying that the information provided in this application is true and complete. You understand that submitting this application form does not automatically register you as a volunteer for the Botanical Garden and that there may be certain qualifications to be met. It also indicates that you acknowledge that you will not be paid for your services as a volunteer at the Botanical Garden. You are aware that one of the responsibilities as a volunteer is to record volunteer hours and turn them in on a regular and timely basis and that you may be asked to complete a background check. You also acknowledge that the Botanical Garden may record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape your name, image, likeness or volunteer work and grant permission for these to be displayed, published, distributed or exhibited for purpose of and in connection with any material that may be created by the Botanical Garden.
The personal information you provide on this form will not be shared without your consent. Your contact information is stored securely and only used to administer the Botanical Garden volunteer program. Please note that you may be contacted using this information by a staff member or designated volunteer to gather feedback about your experience with our program.
Volunteers are very important to all aspects of the Botanical Garden. Your interest and support are appreciated.
FOR VOLUNTEERS UNDER AGE 18 - The signature of a parent or guardian is required. Once your application is received, the Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with the required form.