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1. Are you a Registered Sex Offender under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, any other state or with the federal government or a tribal government?

2. Are you registered under the provisions of the Mary Rippy Violent Crime Offenders Act, or subject to a deferred judgement, suspended sentence, probation or parole from any court of another state, the United States, a tribal court or a military court for any crime or attempted crime which, if committed in the State of Oklahoma, would be a crime similar to any crime enumerated in Title 57 Oklahoma Statutes ยง 593 B. (If a question of those crimes, please review a copy of the same which will be provided upon your request).

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Volunteer Information Center

We provide an online "Volunteer Information Center" where volunteers may check their schedules, update their information, and receive messages. Please select the password you would like to use to access the online Volunteer Information Center, also known as VicNet. You can find the link to VicNet on our webpage under "volunteers."

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