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Flu Vaccine Policy

Church Health has a strict policy regarding the influenza vaccine to protect our community, patients, and staff. All volunteers and staff are required to receive a flu vaccine which is available at Church Health. Staff and volunteers who decline vaccination must wear a mask between December 1 and March 31 when on Church Health property or working off-campus in an official Church Health function. Employees who are allergic to eggs or have a history of Guillain Barre syndrome may decline the vaccine; however, they must present a medical certification from their personal physician of their allergy or past reaction. ALL Church Health volunteers and staff, regardless of department, will be required to have a flu vaccine.

COVID-19 Risk and Waiver

I understand and accept the risk involved in volunteering, including, but not limited to coming in contact with and potentially contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19) and I will not hold Church Health responsible for any illness or injury incurred during my time volunteering or otherwise. Further, I will minimize the risk to myself and others by wearing appropriate protective equipment and following guidelines provided by health and organization officials.