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Abortion funds help cover the expenses of abortion care, so cost isn’t a barrier. Donate to:

  • National Network of Abortion Funds and spilt your gift to 80+ abortion funds across the country.

  • REACH Fund, Connecticut’s new abortion fund.

  • WHEF, the Women’s Health and Education Fund to support abortion and birth control access in Rhode Island.

  • PPSNE Abortion Access Fund to support patients in Connecticut and Rhode Island.






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Planned Parenthood needs your support. Make sure you’ve signed the national #BansOffOurBodies Petition and share the link with your friends to make sure they add their names to stay updated with what’s happening, too.






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Planned Parenthood’s virtual volunteer program connects supporters with national and local opportunities to get involved—wherever you are.





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Storytelling is a powerful tool to show our elected officials why everyone needs and deserves access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion. Share your story and why Planned Parenthood matters to you.





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You can help reduce abortion stigma and normalize abortion care by talking about abortion with your friends, families, and networks. Start with shared values—all people deserve the right to make their own personal decisions about their bodies—and use our guide to help you shape your story and start the conversation.





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Your vote is your voice. Be ready to cast your ballot in November by registering to vote or checking to make sure you’re registered at your current address (many voters forget to update their registration!) Tell 5 friends to check their registration status, too!





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