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Opportunity Preferences

To preview the opportunity description including the location, duties, qualifications, minimum age and contact information, please refer to our Opportunity Directory located on the Volunteer Sarasota County webpage. After you have been assigned a role, you may select additional opportunities using your new volunteer account.

Disclosure & Acknowledgement

Have you ever plead "nolo contendere" (no contest) to or been convicted or found guilty (even if adjudication withheld) or are there any criminal charges now pending against you?

I understand and agree:

1. That submitting this application form does NOT automatically register me as a Sarasota County Government volunteer, and that there may be certain qualifications I must meet, including but not limited to a background check and the acceptance of established volunteer policies and procedures before I begin volunteering.

2. MINORS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE WILL ALSO NEED TO PROVIDE PARENTAL CONSENT UPON ACCEPTANCE. Please note that the age requirement to volunteer varies by position, with opportunities beginning at 12 years old.

3. I am fully aware of and understand the conditions of the voluntary work that will be performed for Sarasota County Government.

4. My voluntary participation in Sarasota County volunteer activities does not entitle me to any compensation or other employment benefits.

5. I am NOT an agent or employee of Sarasota County, Florida, and that I will not so represent myself as one to any person, government unit or corporate entity;

6. I will be solely responsible for my actions while participating in volunteer activities;

7. I have a responsibility to always conduct myself in an ethical, truthful, and honorable manner when interacting with the public, other volunteers and other County employees;

8. I am prohibited from using my position for personal gain or for the benefit of family members;

9. I am prohibited from soliciting or accepting gifts from any person or firm doing or intending to do business with SCG or regulated by SCG with the intent to influence me in my official duties;

10. I must follow instructions, be courteous and cooperative with citizens, fellow volunteers and employees;

11. I must be reliable, arrive on time, provide notice when departing, record my volunteer time, and if unable to fulfill my volunteer duties provide reasonable notice (preferably 8 hours);

12. I must adhere to all safety guidelines and rules required by Sarasota County;

13. I must immediately notify my supervisor if I am injured in the performance of my scheduled and documented volunteer activities;

14. I will act responsibly and not endanger others or myself, nor consume any alcohol or drugs in my role as a SCG volunteer;

15. I can be released from my voluntary participation in the aforementioned activities for any reason or no reason at all without notice; and I am not entitled to any recourse in the event I am released. I hereby give my permission for Sarasota County to use any still photograph or video footage in which I may appear for whatever purpose(s) deemed appropriate and this is done voluntarily and with the understanding there is no remuneration.

This WAIVER shall be determined to be and shall be a complete bar to any action which might otherwise be brought either by law or under any state or federal statute for any and all damages arising as result of voluntary participation in the activities contemplated herein except for those benefits afforded volunteers in accordance with Florida Workers Compensation Law.

All agreements and understandings between the undersigned and Sarasota County, Florida, are embodied herein, and this WAIVER covers all injuries and all the effects and results, and all expenses of every nature. The statements and agreements herein are not merely recital, but are contractual in nature.

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