Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Multnomah County is leading with race in our emergency response, and we need you on the team to serve the community.

Help fill administrative, logistics, data management, driver, personnel management, call center, shelter staff, non-medical vaccination event support and other roles.

Multnomah County EOC is not currently offering any medical volunteering. If you are a licensed healthcare professional, in training, or retired and you are specifically looking for healthcare opportunities we recommend registering with SERV-OR State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon and indicate your interest in Multnomah County:

For information about vaccine distribution, eligibility, and scheduling please visit Multnomah County's COVID-19 Vaccine page:

Volunteers are recommended to follow these guidelines:

- Wash hands regularly, disinfect surfaces regularly, avoid direct contact with others whenever possible, avoid touching your face, and practice good hygiene.

- If you are experiencing a fever, a cough, and shortness of breath, consult with a doctor or medical professional immediately.

- Please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water.

Stay home if you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms! In times of distress, the work of a healthy volunteer is vital, but personal health and safety are always of primary importance.

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We want to ensure that our volunteers are reflective of our diverse community. History has shown us time and again that communities of color and other historically underserved populations are the most negatively impacted in times of disaster. Our emergency response is most effective when our staff and volunteers reflect the communities we serve. By tracking demographic information, we can identify gaps in volunteer representation which can help inform our ongoing recruitment and intake processes. All questions are optional and will only be reviewed in aggregate.

Note on gender identity categories: Gender Expansive includes Agender, Genderqueer, Gender Non-Conforming, Gender Fluid. Transmasculine includes Transman, Transgender Male, Female-to-Male (FTM). Transfeminine includes Transwoman, Transgender female, Male-to-Female (MTF).

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