DETROIT RIVER COALITION invites you to join its eEarthDay initiative and show the world how small acts by many TOGETHER can have huge environmental impact. In honor of Earth Day's 50th anniversary, we invite you to take the pledge to choose one single-use plastic item that you use frequently and make the switch to its reusable alternative, then share your promise online for a movement to reduce single-use plastic pollution in and around the Detroit River and the communities that make up our region.

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I pledge to participate in eEarthDay and replace one single-use plastic item that I use frequently with its reusable alternative.
Je m'engage à participer à eEarthDay et à remplacer un article en plastique à usage unique que j'utilise fréquemment par son alternative réutilisable.
Me comprometo a participar en eEarthDay y reemplazar un artículo de plástico de un solo uso que uso con frecuencia con su alternativa reutilizable.