Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or completing a service project for SourcePoint. Once you complete the form, click the 'Continue' button at the bottom.

Name and address

Parent/Guardian Contact Information


Please indicate the days and times you expect to be available to volunteer.

Areas of Interest

Community Service Hours

Please note, we do not accept court ordered service hours.

Parental Consent

Youth volunteers under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent to volunteer at SourcePoint. Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser to access the Parental Consent Form. Print the form, obtain a parent signature, and bring the signed form with you on your first visit to SourcePoint.

Volunteer Opportunity Statement & Youth Agreement

Opportunities for youth volunteers are provided without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or physical ability.

As a youth volunteer, I understand that I will be working under the guidance of a SourcePoint staff member or volunteer. I agree to act in a mature manner, show respect for others and for property. I know that if I break this agreement or my conduct is not satisfactory, I may be sent home and may be ineligible to participate in any future volunteer activities at SourcePoint.

Checking the 'I Agree' box below serves as your signature.