Please submit resume and cover letter to, with a subject line of "Events Internship Application".

Throughout the year, the Museum holds hundreds of after-hours events — from corporate meetings to weddings and proms. Events interns will assist with the setup and breakdown of events, guide guests to the designated event area, and assist event staff to ensure that each event runs smoothly. This internship takes place mainly after hours and on weekends. Events interns will be able to get a broad overview of the many aspects required to implement a successful event. Interns will gain firsthand experience working with a variety of events, including Museum events such as Social Science and Founders Circle.

Prospective interns must be 21 years old or older to apply. A minimum of 60 hours is required to complete this internship.

To apply for this position please send a resume and cover letter to with a subject line of “Events Internship Application”. Your cover letter should address how you are qualified for this position and what you hope to gain from this experience. Please be sure to include whether or not you plan on earning university credit for this internship and if your institution has specific requirements that need to be met. This is an unpaid internship.

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