Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Bissell Centre's Giving Sunday! Unfortunately all of our available shifts have already been filled. Please feel free to fill out the form anyway, as we would be more than happy to contact you if we have a cancellation and a shift opens up.

To be contacted for future special events, please email Stefani at volunteer@bissellcentre.org.

Thank you and happy holidays!


Put on your Santa Hat and help us unload and sort Christmas gifts donated by Edmonton's United Churches and other generous groups and individuals!

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Minimum age to volunteer: 10 (Please note that all volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

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Oath of Confidentiality

I, the undersigned, do understand that as a volunteer of Bissell Centre, I may be privy to confidential information, recorded and unrecorded, pertaining to the internal affairs and activities of Bissell Centre. As inappropriate distribution of such information may adversely affect the welfare of the agency and clients of the agency, I agree that:

I will protect the confidentiality and ethics of all professionally acquired information. I will disclose such information only when properly authorized or obligated legally or professionally to do so.

Volunteer Agreement

• Be guided by Bissell Centre’s mission.

• Accept duties which I am capable of handling and perform them to the best of my ability.

• Adhere to Bissell Centre’s guidelines and procedures regarding the recording of volunteer hours as well as all other policies and procedures.

• Follow all policies and procedures outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.

• Meet time and duty requirements and inform the supervisor if unable to meet my volunteer commitment.

• Work as a team member with staff and other volunteers and to communicate any specific issues or concerns to my supervisor or the Manager of Volunteer Services.

• Understand and grant Bissell Centre, its representatives, employees and designated agents the right to take photographs of me for the purpose of promoting Bissell Centre and its programs. I authorize Bissell Centre to use, copyright, publish and otherwise distribute for publication, these photographs in print and/or electronic form for the public to view. I understand and agree to these photos being used with or without my name.