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With the Arlington Food Assistance Center, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Since its founding, AFAC has been heavily volunteer driven. In FY19 volunteers served over 50,000 hours. That is the equivalent to 24 full time employees! Volunteers are at AFAC seven days a week starting as early as 7:30 am restocking shelves and staying as late at 10:00 pm picking up grocery store donations. By contributing your time to AFAC, you contribute directly to your community.

Once you complete the form, a member of AFAC's volunteer department will contact you with directions on how to utilize our online volunteer calendar. Please be aware that we have 2,500+ active volunteers in our database and at times available volunteer opportunities can be slim. For best results, check off any areas of interest, skills, and availability below to receive email blasts when last minute opportunities arise and check the calendar regularly as people tend to drop out days leading up to their scheduled shift.

Thank you for wanting to help your neighbors in need.

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