Camp Erin - King County is an annual weekend camp for kids and teens who are grieving the death of a significant person. For more information, please call (206)-320-4000, or go to Volunteers must be 21 years or older. Please note that although we attempt to place every volunteer applicant, we may not be able to place all applicants due to the large number of applications received.

Personal Information

Interest in Volunteering

Required Dates

The training which will provide you with the skills needed to support the children and teens at Camp will be held on the following dates. Attendance is mandatory. Volunteers must stay through the entire Camp (including sleeping overnight in Cabins)

  • Volunteer Trainings: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 & Thursday, May 19, 2022
  • Camp Weekend: Saturday, June 11, 2022 - Sunday, June 12, 2022

Volunteer Opportunities

*Big Buddy (Camper support for the weekend. Responsible for getting campers to meals and activities on time, facilitating in-cabin play time activities as well as grief activities, coordinating with and reporting to clinical support. BB’s sleep in cabins with campers. Requires extensive walking throughout Camp weekend, occasional running and lifting, may have interrupted sleep. Activity Level: Very High).

*Clinical Point Person (Camper support position for trained counselors, bereavement specialists, or other specialists who work in the grief field. CPP's are “Clinical Big Buddies” paired with a cabin of campers. Required: CPP volunteers must have an educational and work background with bereavement and two years of direct clinical experience. Qualified applicants are accepted at the discretion of Clinical staff. May require attendance at additional planning meetings (approximately 3-4) prior to Camp. Requires extensive walking throughout Camp weekend, occasional running, may have interrupted sleep Activity Level: Very High.)

*Grief Activity Facilitator (Grief Activity Facilitators will lead or co-lead at least one grief activity during the camp weekend. They are skilled facilitators with experience working with youth, work well with other volunteers and comfortable presenting to large groups. They will meet separately with the Camp Clinical Lead in preparation of their role. They are typically asked to be present for the entire weekend. Activity Level: High)

*Logistics (provides the behind-the-scenes work to ensure our Camp runs smoothly - assist with welcome and registration of campers, setting up/taking down activities, supplying items to cabins, coordinating rituals, clean-up, etc. Must be able to lift 30 pounds. Activity Level: High)

*Pet Therapy: (Trained teams provide supportive and therapeutic opportunities to Campers throughout the weekend. Teams stay busy throughout camp, visiting different cabin groups and activities throughout the day and visiting the cabins to say “goodnight” in the evening. Regular breaks as needed. Current certification required. Moderate activity level.)

*Musician (Must provide own instrument. Ability to work appropriately with children in a grief setting. Moderate activity level)

*Photographer (Photographer: Must have own camera equipment. Photographer coordinates with Camp Coordinator to photograph cabins and camper activities throughout the weekend. Moderate-high activity level.)

Age Group

With which age group(s) are you most interested in working? (6-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds, or 13-17 year olds?):

Relevant Experience

Please explain your relevant experience - this may include work or volunteer experience.

Volunteer and Work History

Have you ever been fired, discharged, or asked to resign from any position? If so, please explain.

Skills & Interests

Do you have any other education or skills that may help you be effective at Camp? This can include education, special training, or personal skills, interests or hobbies.

Bereavement History

Many of our volunteers join Camp Erin due to having a personal experience with the death and/or terminal illness of a significant person in their life. Have you experienced the death of a significant person? Please explain.


In addition to the training, all volunteers must complete the following requirements in order to volunteer:

*Health screening (including TB testing)

*Provide own transportation to Camp and Training

*Complete paperwork packet for personnel file

*Be 21 years or older

Background Checks

All volunteers must successfully pass a background check prior to beginning service with Providence.

Conviction of a crime will not necessarily be a bar to volunteer service. Factors such as age at the time of the offense, employment history subsequent to the convictions(s), and rehabilitation will be taken into account in determining effect on suitability for volunteering.


Please supply three references. At least two references must be professional. One personal reference is acceptable. References should be from people who have known you for two years or longer. If you are accepted, references will be contacted by email within two weeks.


I understand that I am applying for a position with Providence Hospice of Seattle. I understand that the agency reserves the right to reject a volunteer candidate.

I consent to and authorize the agency and its personnel to ask any of the references I have listed for relevant information that may concern my performance as a volunteer for the agency. I therefore release all parties and persons connected with any request for information from all claims, liability and damages for whatever reason arising out of furnishing the information.

I certify that the information provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I agree to all background checks required by this agency.