Please complete this application form if you are interested in volunteering in our School Program Facilitator volunteer position. Once you complete the form, click the continue button at the bottom.

Be a part of an amazing community of educators that ensure every student visitor feels welcome, safe, and smart. School Program Facilitators actively engage school groups through their entire visit to the History Colorado Center. Volunteers facilitate a hands-on, fun learning experience and work with students through gallery-based programming which involves facilitating a high quality learning experience at each History Station.

As a School Program Facilitator, volunteers get to see their enormous impact on students first-hand:

"Our school, Mountain View Academy, had an amazing time at the History Colorado Museum this past school year! It such a joy that the students got to experience fun and interesting activities about the state in which they live. Most of our students do not get to experience things outside of their neighborhoods, so the fact that they were able to see things they may have never seen before was very beneficial."
Teacher, Mountain View Academy

"Thanks for having us! It was an AWESOME field trip. You were such a great host / guide. The kids were engaged and learned a ton. The guide made the trip! The guide gave our students an opportunity to explore the beautiful History Colorado Center as well as gain a ton of knowledge. Without, our school would not have been able to make the trip and our kids would have missed out on a once in a lifetime experience."
Sean, Teacher at Kullerstrand Elementary
Training on exhibit content, program facilitation, general museum education, and child development theory will be provided.

Desired Skills: Enjoy working with children, lively and enthusiastic, flexibility, creative problem solving, ability to work with a team, desire to help children experience and have fun with history and to see themselves in the story, experience working with elementary-aged children (6-12 year olds).

Minimum Age Requirements

Available to individual applicants 18 years of age or older.

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Dress Code

Volunteers are required to wear a History Colorado polo shirt (that will be provided to you). Please indicate the size you would like (we have both men's and ladies sizing available).


Shifts are available Monday-Friday from late August through early 9:15 – 11:30 AM and 11:15 – 2 PM. We do ask for a commitment of at least 10 hours per month. Please confirm that you can meet that commitment below.

Orientation Date

All Volunteers are required to attend the orientation/training. Please select an orientation date below:

Preferred Pronoun

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Authorization for Background Check

As an applicant for a volunteer position at History Colorado, I realize that I must undergo a thorough background check to protect the safety of History Colorado, its visitors, volunteers and staff. I hereby authorize the release of any information relating to my driving record, criminal history and any additional specific information relating to the position that I am applying for, unless restricted by law. This authorization is made voluntarily, and for the purpose of volunteering only, and information should be given only in response to an authorized request from History Colorado.

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Liability Release

I, the undersigned, understand that I assume all responsibility for my own safety while a volunteer, intern*, or temporary employee not on the History Colorado payroll, and as such, must provide my own insurance coverage. Further, I acknowledge that when driving State of Colorado vehicles on an **Authorized Volunteer basis the State's liability coverage attaches to the vehicle only, and workers compensation does not apply. Therefore, I am responsible for my own medical payments. I have read and agree to the conditions stated above regarding insurance coverage.

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Confidentiality Agreement/Photo Release

The volunteer agrees that s/he will not, at any time during or after his/her volunteer tenure with History Colorado disclose any confidential or proprietary information to any person, other than those persons properly authorized. Additionally, the volunteer agrees that s/he will not permit any person, other than those authorized, to make copies of any reports or documents that were either prepared by the volunteer during his/her tenure with History Colorado or which came into his/her possession during his/her tenure with History Colorado.

The volunteer recognizes that the disclosure of such information may be harmful to History Colorado, and the volunteer agrees that such disclosure is cause for immediate dismissal.

The volunteer agrees that s/he will, at all times, comply with all security guidelines that may be in effect for the protection of History Colorado or any department of History Colorado relating to the maintenance of files, documents and/or records.

History Colorado has my permission to take and use my photograph on any type of Volunteer or History Colorado related printed, electronic, and/or published materials without compensation to me.

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Museum Ethics

History Colorado is a state agency and dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards. All History Colorado staff, including volunteers and interns, must abide by these standards.

1.) Volunteers should not work for personal gains other than the gratification and enrichment that result from participating in History Colorado programming. Volunteers should be prepared to accept, as conditions of their relationship to History Colorado, any restrictions necessary to maintain public confidence in History Colorado. Should the performance behavior of a volunteer in any fashion be deemed unacceptable, it is the prerogative of History Colorado to ask that individual to relinquish his/her volunteer status.

2.) Although History Colorado may accord special privileges, volunteers should not accept gifts, favors, loans, other dispensation, or things of value that accrue to them from other parties in connection with carrying out duties for History Colorado. Conflict-of-interest restrictions placed upon the staff will be explained to volunteers and, where relevant, observed by them.

3.) Volunteers must hold matters of program function and administration confidential. Volunteers who have access to History Colorado collections, research, staff activities, and associated privileged information must respect the confidentiality of their positions, as well as the significance and integrity of the collections.