Please complete this application form if you are between ages of 14 to 18 years old and are interested in becoming a Kootenai Health volunteer.

We improve health one patient at a time in a friendly and professional culture committed to superior quality and safety. Our volunteers play a large role in delivering quality services, by serving in a variety of ways throughout the hospital. Our volunteers must possess self-motivation and reliability.

We greatly appreciate your interest in volunteering at Kootenai Health. Before submitting this application, please read the information below.

We are very fortunate to have many individuals interested in volunteering and sometimes more than we have service openings for. The volunteer role is extremely important as everyone representing Kootenai Health has an impact on our patients and their experience with us. A few items to keep in mind:

• Volunteering is not job shadowing.

• We do not offer internships through our volunteer program.

• We cannot create a position based on personal or professional goals. We have specific volunteer roles that enhance the services we provide.

• Before applying, please ask yourself, “Am I applying because I have a sincere drive to help?” and “Can I consistently commit to volunteering each week?

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• I hereby express my desire to volunteer for Kootenai Health.

• I am aware that, if accepted, I will be expected to be prompt and to perform my duties conscientiously, and to find a fellow teen volunteer to substitute for me if I am unable to report for my scheduled shift.

• I understand that any falsification of information on this application may result in immediate termination of the application/on-boarding process or as a volunteer with Kootenai Health.

• I understand that a volunteer is expected to observe confidentiality with respect to all patient information at all times, and that failure to do so may result in my personal liability to the patient and/or the hospital.

Covid-19 and Flu Vaccination Policy: In the spirit of safeguarding patients – as well as you, our employees, faculty, physicians, staff, students and volunteers – a mandatory Covid-19 and flu vaccination policy has been implemented across Kootenai Health.

I understand that, if accepted, that Kootenai Health volunteers are required to receive the Covid-19 and the annual flu vaccination. Individuals with severe reactions to any component of the flu vaccine, other than egg proteins, must provide written documentation from their primary care physician stating such.