Thank you for your interest in our VITA Tax Assistance Program.  We need volunteers to serve in a variety of roles at our in-person tax sites as well as our virtual tax site.   All sites will follow CDC guidelines on social distancing.  Learn more about available volunteer roles here.  

Please fill out the form and click "Submit" when finished.


Phone Number

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Program Training

All volunteers must successfully pass IRS required certification tests annually. The tests are open book.  We offer an orientation, in-person and virtual class trainings through Zoom (16 hours), and virtual office hours in December and January. There is also a self-certification option provided by the IRS if you want to study at your own pace. We provide electronic and printed training materials for pick up in December/January.


Our VITA tax sites offer drop-off/pick-up or appointment based services. We offer in-person and virtual volunteer shifts. Please share your projected available times. We request at least 1 volunteer shift weekly!

Role Preference

You can volunteer at a tax site in a variety of capacities and roles; each requiring different levels of training and certification. Please indicate which role(s) you are interested in. Please see our website for role descriptions.


There are many tax preparation sites throughout the Greater Richmond and Petersburg region, all with a range of operating hours between February and April 15th. Please indicate your choice(s) of locality. Please note that volunteers will be placed at sites were volunteers are needed the most.

Employment Status

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Service Hour Requirement

If you are required to complete volunteer service hours, please indicate your school or organization above, and enter below the total number of hours you must complete by the end of the tax season.


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