Please complete this application form if your company or organization is interested in a group volunteer opportunity at Tracy Aviary's Aviary's Jordan River Nature Center. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Note: These opportunities are at Tracy Aviary's second campus in South Salt Lake.

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NOTE: Evening shifts are rarely available for Group Volunteers.

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I hereby indicate my willingness as a volunteer at Tracy Aviary's Jordan River Nature Center. I agree to follow instructions and directions given by Tracy Aviary Staff. I agree to hold Tracy Aviary, its employees, and agents harmless and free of any liability in the event of accident, injury, or personal loss. I understand that Tracy Aviary reserves the right to conduct a background check when applicable. I give Tracy Aviary permission to take photos and/or videos of me during my volunteer duties to use in marketing, including as posts on social media and Tracy Aviary's website.