Thank you for your interest in becoming a Foster Volunteer at Foothills Animal Shelter for our Heartworm Positive dogs! Please complete this application form and click the submit button at the bottom once complete. You will be contacted by the Foster Department after your application has been reviewed.

***Applicants must be 18 years of age and applicant homes must meet zoning requirements for the residence municipality***

***We are only accepting applications for fosters interested in fostering heartworm positive dogs at this time.***

Basic Information

Emergency Contact Information


Work Experience

Volunteer Program Information

Background Checks

Excluding traffic violations, have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense?

Please note, conviction information may not automatically disqualify applicants, but failure to disclose will be grounds for disqualification as background checks are required as part of the application proccess.

Shelter Philosophy

Foothills Animal Shelter is an open admissions facility, meaning we will not refuse any animal coming through our doors. There is a great need for unwanted animals to be housed in the Denver area. In a given year we can take in as many as 10,000 animals. We are not a "no-kill" (or frequently called "limited admissions") facility who may refuse an animal due to space, the animal being too sick, aggressive, old or "unadoptable". Foothills Animal Shelter does not turn away animals. However, because of our "open door" policy, it is sometimes necessary for us to euthanize animals.

Please understand, there are times foster animals have to be humanely euthanized. Although you are a foster parent, the animal(s) does legally belong to the Shelter. Decisions to euthanize animals are always very difficult, but sometimes necessary.

Time Commitment

After getting started with us, volunteers are asked to commit to being an active foster parent for at least a 8-months.

Foster Pet Preference

What type of animals do you want to foster? Please be aware that the Foothills Animal Shelter foster mission is specific to medically and behaviorally needy (this includes neonatal animals such as kittens and puppies). Our program does not "foster-to-adopt" or ask that fosters arrange for adoptions.


Volunteer Experience

Living Situation

Describe your current living situation.

Pets in the Home

Describe the current pets in your home spay/neuter and vaccine status. All cats, dogs & rabbits should be spayed/neutered and vaccinations up-to-date where applicable. Canine Bordetella and CIV are recommended at a higher frequency - please talk with your vet.

Please understand, FAS Staff or Volunteers will conduct a home visit prior to me being accepted into the program. I give permission to Foothills Animal Shelter to verify any information given on this application. I also understand if I do not abide by the specific foster policies and follow the direction of the Foster Care Department, I may risk termination of my volunteer duties.