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Foster agreement

I do hereby willingly volunteer to care for animals belonging to Heart of the Valley, Inc. (HOV). I understand that this is an agreement to temporarily foster animals and not a permanent adoption agreement. I understand that any animal I foster for HOV remains under the exclusive ownership of HOV, and that any and all decisions to be made about the ultimate disposition of the animal are solely the responsibility of HOV. I further understand that during or subsequent to the course of my foster period, the animal I foster may become ill or die, or become deemed unadoptable and/or euthanized.

I understand that all advertising and/or solicitation of potential adopters must be approved by HOV. All persons wanting to adopt a foster animal must complete an adoption application and be interviewed and approved by an HOV staff member before a decision will be made. If I decide to adopt a foster animal, I understand I will be given the highest consideration but I also understand that no matter what monies I donate toward the animal's care while in my custody, I will still be responsible to pay the full adoption fee and follow through with the standard adoption process.

I understand that I am taking responsibility for the proper daily feeding, watering, exercise, and all care that the foster animal requires, including transportation to all HOV appointments. Should a foster animal show signs of illness, I will promptly contact HOV for instructions. I agree to comply with all instructions received from HOV and the HOV veterinarian regarding the medication and care of the animal. I agree that I will not seek outside veterinary care without the knowledge and permission of HOV. I further understand that should I independently seek veterinary care for a foster animal, I will be liable for all expenses incurred.

I agree to abide by all local and state laws and ordinances applicable to the custody of the foster animal while in my care. I agree to supervise the animal at all times and take responsibility for all contact that may occur with other animals and people.

I understand that I, my household members, and other pets may be exposed to medical or behavioral conditions existing in the fostered animal, of which HOV was unaware and for which HOV cannot be held liable. I understand that HOV will not reimburse me for any damages caused by an animal that I choose to foster or any illnesses that my own animals or myself may be exposed to.

I give HOV permission to enter my premises at any time, after giving reasonable notice, for the purpose of assessing the condition of the fostered animal. I understand the foster animal may be removed from my home at that time without cause.

I fully recognize the possible dangers associated with the work of HOV and I freely consent to this waiver. I understand that HOV may terminate my services as a foster parent at any time, with or without reason.

I recognize that this is a binding agreement between Heart of the Valley, Inc. and me. I have read and understand all the provisions of this agreement, and hereby sign this agreement freely and voluntarily.