Please complete this application form if you are 14-17 years old and interested in becoming a Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

THIS IS NOT THE ZOOTEEN! PROGRAM APPLICATION. That is a separate application that must be downloaded from the website (posted in February of each year).

Junior Volunteers serve in a variety of roles throughout our zoo! The primary role for Junior Volunteers is Exhibit Hosting. Exhibit Hosts are responsible for greeting and educating guests about the exhibit they are assigned to. Exhibit Hosts will be assigned to a specific area and will train in that area until there is an opportunity to move at the discretion of the Volunteer Engagement Department and Exhibit Guide team. The goal of this program is for each Exhibit Host to learn as much as possible about every key exhibit in the zoo and spread our message of conservation and education. These teens will also have the opportunity to volunteer at the train dock, restaurants, and most special events including Spooktacular and ZooLights!

Program Requirements:

- Junior Volunteers must be between the ages of 14-17

- Junior Volunteers must commit to at least 6 months of service and 4 hrs of volunteer service per month.

- All volunteers must be willing to accept and utilize constructive feedback from volunteer staff.

- Junior Volunteer must come with a willingness to learn and great attitude!

- Junior Volunteers will attend one classroom training with a parent/guardian.

- All volunteers must train as Exhibit Hosts in designated training areas before moving on to other Exhibit Host areas.

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Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Skills & Experience

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T-Shirt Size

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Emergency Contact(s)

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If you are 17 or younger, please list a parent or guardian.


Please provide a reference that we may contact to find out more information about your work ethic and experience.

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I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens volunteer, and that there may be certain qualifications I must meet, including the acceptance of established volunteer policies and procedures before I may begin volunteering.

By submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate.

I also acknowledge that if I am accepted to the Volunteer Program I will be required to pay the volunteer fee of $20, which covers one t-shirt and a name badge.