Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming an equine/livestock volunteer for the Humane Society of North Texas.

Note: All volunteers must have at least 4 years experience to start and be at least 18 years of age. Please read through the volunteer opportunity description for this specific department of HSNT.

Volunteers for HSNT Ranch, Joshua, TX – Description of Opportunities

Due to the structure of current ranch operations, interested volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and have at least 4 years of hands-on progressive learning working with different levels of horses. This may be earned in several ways, for example: through performing ranch work, taking lessons/showing horses, or volunteering at a riding facility. If you do not have that level of both confidence and experience (at least an advanced/intermediate level), please consider us again in the future.

You should be capable and confident handling horses and donkeys that often do not have excellent ground manners and who are kept in a herd setting. Volunteers will not handle any aggressive animals. We work with a variety of equines of all different levels of training and unknown histories; therefore, volunteering hands on at the HSNT ranch with equines comes with additional risks not associated with other opportunities. In order to ensure safety for all, we can only accept those at the horsemanship level described. Please note that riding may only be offered as an option as an advanced volunteer opportunity after assessing each individual volunteer’s equine abilities.

Routine opportunities requested of volunteers may include (and can be tailored to each volunteer’s experience level):



•Barn, property, and pasture upkeep (organizing/cleaning/minor repairs)

•Mending fences

•Cleaning stalls and equipment/tools

•Cleaning tack


•Elementary training of equine ground manners (tips will be provided)

•Assisting in loading animals in trailers

•Riding (as an advanced opportunity only as approved by the equine director)

•Administrative tasks – data entry, uploading photos, categorizing paperwork, etc.

Note that all opportunities are outdoors or in an open-air barn without climate control. Rubber muck boots and work boots are required. Hats, sunscreen are recommended. It is very windy at the ranch - sunglasses are strongly encouraged. Restroom facilities are available in the form of a port-a-potty. Running water is available but not considered for human consumption; volunteers should bring their own reusable water bottles with enough hydration for their shift. Volunteers are expected to take home any recyclable items they may bring (such as Gatorade bottles) for proper recycling. A refrigerator is available.

Shifts are preferred in 2 hour blocks from 9:00-4:00. The ranch is a 33 acre property with only 4 staff working at a quick pace. Volunteers may be operating under limited supervision. A high level of initiative and sound judgment is expected and must be observed from volunteers.

Outcome: Volunteers will be able to further their equine experience in a rescue setting while contributing to enhancement of animal welfare and care. Providing one-on-one attention to these animals improves adopt-ability by increasing their level of personal care and training. Plus, you get your horse fix without having to pay board or vet bills!

How to get involved:

-Apply to HSNT’s equine/livestock ranch volunteer program

-Director will set up ranch orientation

-Volunteers should commit to at least 2 shifts/month

-One-time event volunteers do not need to go through ranch volunteer application procedures

Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Name and address

Please complete these application questions:

When you are completing the application questions, please make sure to number your answers with the corresponding question. If accepted, you will be contacted to have an orientation (2 hours) at the Joshua Ranch!
1.Tell us about your experience working with animals and how many hours per month are you commit to providing?


Describe how you have worked with horses and/or donkeys at least 4 years in a progressive (different levels of animals in a lesson barn or other) setting?


Describe your confidence and skill set working with equines (be specific).
Have you ever haltered and led a horse without assistance?


Tell us about any specialized abilities you have that might be applicable and that you would like to share in a volunteer capacity (i.e. you can do farrier work, or you have an animal training business, are a photographer, excel in Excel/admin tasks, etc.)


Do you understand that working with large animals is dangerous and all duties and tasks assigned to volunteers is at staff discretion who know resident animals and routines best?


Do you understand that you may be asked to start with manual labor tasks before progressing to hands-on with the animals?


Are you able to lift 25 lbs or more?


Are you able to be mobile for 2 hours of physical labor, including entering and securing gates, and navigating uneven terrain?


Do manure smells or does getting dirty bother you?


Are you able to follow detailed instructions and communicate any questions or concerns with staff?


Are you comfortable and able to interact with animals in a herd setting and stay constantly aware of every animal around you?

By clicking I agree, I certify that all answers given by me on this application or any other accompanying or required documents or during any interview process are true, accurate and complete. The falsification, misrepresentation or omission of facts will be cause for removal of my volunteer status, regardless of when or how discovered.