Thank you for your interest in volunteering with your pet. Please note this application is for the Vanderbilt Health campus at One Hundred Oaks. Submit your application ONLY if you are currently a registered pet team with Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) or Pet Partners.

This application generally takes about 30 minutes and you may not save it in order to return at a later time. Once you have completed all the questions, select "Continue" to submit your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Some things to consider: Our goal is to ensure that this experience is beneficial for you and the hospital. If you have recently experienced the death of someone close to you, we ask that you wait at least one year to apply. Also, if you are currently seeking employment, please wait to apply until you are established in your new job.

Our opportunities are based on hospital needs, so we match your skills, availability, and experience with our current needs. We look forward to talking to you more about volunteering as a Pet Team at Vanderbilt!

Personal Information

Emergency Contact Information

Criminal History

Education (if currently enrolled in school)

Employment (if currently employed)

Volunteer Interest

Please share your motivation for becoming a Pet Team at Vanderbilt and why you are especially interested in visiting in a hospital or clinic. Please include any special skills, qualities, or experiences that would benefit patients and families.

Volunteer Availability

Pet Information

1. What is your pet's name?

2. What is your pet's breed?

3. What is your pet's gender?

4. How old is your pet?

5. How long has your pet been registered as a Pet Therapy animal?

Registration and Training Process

1. Please describe your experience/process in becoming a registered Pet Team. Specifically, with whom are you a registered team?

2. Describe your last evaluation exam. Were there areas you were asked to work on? Who completed your evaluation? When does your registration expire?

General Volunteer Experience

Please describe previous volunteer experiences with and without your pet. Include length of service and responsibilities.

Experience with Children

Tell us about your experience working with children. Have you ever worked or volunteered with children who are/were ill or have special needs? How did you maintain professional boundaries?

Adaptability and Self-care

1. What types of things have caused you stress or made you uncomfortable? Give an example of one situation. What were the circumstances and what did you do?

2. Have you experienced the death of someone close to you within the past three years? If yes, what was your relationship?

Volunteer Acknowledgement

I affirm that the information provided on this application is true and complete. I understand that this application does not guarantee a volunteer placement. I understand that as a volunteer I may not accept payment for my services.