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VIC NET / Volunteer Portal

Neighbours Aid has a Volunteer Portal where you will be able to view your schedule and see news and updates on what is happening around Neighbours Aid. Once your application is accepted, you can log in to the volunteer portal on our website using your email address and your password.

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I understand that as a Volunteer/WFD for Neighbours Aid I understand that as a Volunteer/WFD for Neighbours Aid all care will be taken to ensure my safety. However, should any injury occur to my person, I give permission for emergency first aid treatment to be given. Should I require further treatment, I give permission for the ambulance and/or my doctor to be contacted. By checking the box in the AGREEMENT section I am giving permission.

The information in this application , is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and current. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the management should there be any changes in my health or treatment. By checking the box in the AGREEMENT section I am indicating understanding.

I understand my medical information will be kept filed and confidential until such time as an emergency may occur and the need arise for it to be used for my well being. By checking the box in the AGREEMENT section I am indicating my understanding.

Thank you for expressing an interest in undertaking voluntary/WFD work with our organisation. We are pleased to have your assistance and hope you enjoy your time here with us.
All volunteers/WFD are expected to follow NACS Policies and Procedures and Workplace Health & Safety requirements.
WFD Participants: You have elected to work as part of our team at Neighbours Aid to fullfill your requirements with your nominated Job Provider. During this time you will be trained and supervised to work according to workplace requirements whilst following the Policies and Procedures set down by Neighbours Aid and your Job Service Provider. Attendance must be in accordance with the nominated days and times. Breaks are only to be taken with the supervisors authorization (including smoke breaks). This is to simulate organisational requirements in a workplace environment. If at anytime these or any of the Policy and Procedures for Volunteers/WFD are violated you may be removed from the program.
Volunteers: While we appreciate your effort, it is important that you note and accept that voluntary work by its very name means there is no wage associated with this position and there is no employer/employee contractual relationship in the normal industrial sense. As a volunteer you have the right to refuse any work you may be asked to perform and you may choose to end your association with our organisation at any time. We, of course, may do likewise.
Please be aware that although we appreciate having your assistance there is no contractual relationship and you are not bound to our organisation. Should you wish to undertake other voluntary work elsewhere or seek paid employment, please feel free to do so. Should you gain employment with us in the normal ‘employee’ relationship, then your time with us in a voluntary capacity has no connection.
As our volunteers work variable times, we try to be flexible. However, so we may plan appropriately it would be appreciated if you could speak to our Manager on this matter. Should you be unable to fill a commitment due to sickness or some other circumstances we would appreciate your cooperation in advising the Manager as soon as possible. Once the hours of work are determined, we do require commitment from you to enable us to function efficiently.
To fulfill our legal and insurance obligations, you will be required to sign these application and agreement forms at your interview.
• I understand that Neighbours Aid Neighbours Aid Ltd. is a community minded organisation and as a volunteer/WFD agree to uphold their mission and standards.
• I agree to abide by the policies and procedures set by the Manager of this store and to follow directives given to the best of my ability. I understand that Neighbours Aid full policy and procedures can be accessed at anytime, at my request to the Store Manager.
• I agree to abide by Neighbours Aid Ltd. Work Health and Safety policy, a copy of which I have acknowledged. If I am injured through an accident in the course of my duties as a volunteer, I will immediately report the accident to the Store Manager.
• I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of my appointment in Neighbours Aid Ltd.
• I understand this information will remain confidential and not be disclosed to any individual or other organisation.
• I understand that I am not employed by Neighbours Aid Ltd. and cannot act as its representative. If I am engaged as a Volunteer Worker, I agree to commence on a trial period of two (2) months.