This application is individuals 14-17 years in age who are interested in volunteering with the City of Edina.

In order to complete this application, you will need a valid e-mail address. Please be sure to type your e-mail address correctly, as it will be used as a communication tool in the application process.

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Contact Information



Emergency Contact

Applicants are asked to list at least one emergency contact.

Interest in Volunteering

Volunteer Experience/Extra Curricular Activities

Volunteer Availability

Event/One-time: Serve one-time or only at events.

On-going: Reoccurring service (ie: one day a week).

Seasonal: Only available during one season (ie: only available in the summer).

Volunteer Preference

Data Practices Advisory

As a volunteer applicant you are asked to provide information (data) about yourself to the City of Edina. The data you provide is needed to identify you and assist in determining your suitability for the volunteer position. MN Government Data Practices Act (M.S. 13.01-13.90) requires that the City of Edina inform you of why and how the data will be used; if you may refuse or, are legally required to provide the data; of consequences, if any, for refusing or providing the data; and, persons or organizations allowed to receive the data you provide.

During the application process, your name is private data; however, your name becomes public data when you are selected to serve as a volunteer and will be shared with the public, if requested. Additionally, the following data about you will also be public:
• Volunteer identification number
• Job title and description
• Wages, timesheets (private data removed, if any) and expense reimbursement
• Dates of your first and last volunteer service
• Work availability, location and work phone number
• Written complaints or charges against you, even if they did not result in disciplinary action
• Job history, education, training, honors and awards received

All data about you that is placed in your volunteer personnel file are considered private, except those listed above. Private data is available to you and select City staff processing personnel records. Additionally, the following organizations are authorized by state and federal law to receive your private data, if requested:
• The Bureau of Census
• Federal, State and County Auditors
• The State Department of Public Welfare
• The Department of Human Rights
• Federal Officials investigating compliance of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities
• Labor organizations and the Bureau of Mediation Services
• Court ordered

NOTICE TO MINORS: You have the right to request that parental access be denied to your private data.

This information is subject to change based on amendments to the MN Government Data Practice Act.

I have read and understand the Data Practices Advisory.

Volunteer Consent

By checking this box,

1. you affirm you have obtained parental/guardian permission to complete this application to volunteer for the City of Edina.

2. you indicate that the information in this application is accurate.

3. you indicate your approval for us to verify references and complete a background check.

This form does not automatically register applicants as a City of Edina volunteer, and there may be certain qualifications a volunteer must meet, including the acceptance of established volunteer policies and procedures before volunteering will begin.

City of Edina is not obligated to provide placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered.