Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Wehr Nature Center volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.Within 2 weeks time our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign an additional permission waiver to volunteer at the time of interview/orientation. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Wehr Nature Center.

General Information

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Background Check Information

Tell Us About Yourself

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Volunteer Policies & Procedures

Volunteer Agreement

The information I have provided is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge, without consequential emissions of any kinds. I authorize the organization and persons name to release any information requested regarding my service, character, and qualifications. I understand that the agency may do a background check. I acknowledge that by completing this application the agency is not obligated to offer me a volunteer position. I also agree that Wehr Nature Center may photography my participation in this program and I hereby release any such photographs to Wehr Nature Center for use in its programs publications and purposes.

The Volunteer agrees to:

1. Act as a member of the team and perform my duties to the best of my abilities and to conduct myself with honesty, courtesy, and dignity.
2. Follow all of the rules, adhere to the drug-free workplace policy, accept supervision and ask about things not understood.
3. Be punctual and adhere to my schedule and let my supervisor know when I will be absent.
4. Use office equipment for agency business only.
5. Notify the Volunteer Coordinator when I am no longer able to volunteer.
6. I agree not to divulge any confidential information obtained while volunteering.
7. Volunteers, like employees, are not authorized to make statements to the press, officially or unofficially, at any time. Refer any members of the press to the main office of Wehr Nature Center. This policy allows the Nature Center and Milwaukee County Department of Parks Recreation and Culture to provide, consistent, accurate information to the public through local media.
8. Unless otherwise state in a volunteer opportunity, under no circumstances should a volunteer drive a Wehr Nature Center or Milwaukee County Department of Parks Recreation and Culture vehicle or operate any motorized equipment.
9. I understand that as a volunteer I am NOT an employee and will not receive any compensation and am not eligible for any benefits including Worker’s Compensation.
10. Take any problems or suggestions to the Volunteer Coordinator or my supervisor.

Volunteers Will:

1. Treat others in a courteous, respectful manner demonstrating appropriate behaviors.
2. Obey the laws of the city, county, state and nation.
3. Recognize that verbal, sexual, physical abuse and neglect of youth or anyone is unacceptable.
4. Act with respect toward plants and animals.
5. Use language that will support and promote self-esteem.
6. Be responsible for presenting a positive image to clients and the community by dressing appropriately for the conditions and performance of their duties.
7. Only use touch in an appropriate manner and with permission. Example: Pat on the head or hand.
8. Abstain from using alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal substances while volunteering
9. Avoid placing another person in an unsafe situation.
10. Not use a cell phone while volunteering.
11. Not carry a weapon; concealed or unconcealed while volunteering for Wehr Nature Center, at the center or another site.

The Wehr Nature Center agrees to:

1. Treat the volunteer as a member of the team and appreciate their contributions.
2. Respect the skills, dignity and needs of the volunteer
3. Provide supervision, information, training, and feedback for the volunteer to be effective.
4. Consider all volunteer comments, requests, suggestions and concerns in a timely manner.

I will indemnify, release and hold harmless Milwaukee County, Wehr Nature Center, Friends of Wehr and UW Extension, its agents and employees from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or damages which may happen during the term of volunteering; thereby assuming any and all risks attendant to the position.