Thank you for your interest in joining the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR) Board of Directors.  Please help us get to know you to ensure the best match between you and our Mission and Vision at RMFR.

RMFR Vision

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is committed to cultivating and maintaining a strong, professional network of foster care providers, volunteers and partner shelters, together with our talented shelter and veterinary staff to care for our resident cats and kittens. Loving homes, play, protection, and comprehensive medical support are what drive our mission. We also rely on our community partners and neighbors to support the shelter’s growth. We give back to local families through the education of our staff and volunteers to help potential adopters find their purrfect match for our cats and kittens. At RMFR, we are dedicated to making every little life a life worth living.

Board Mission

As a board, we are actively engaged to support staff, recruit volunteers and donors, support operations at the shelter and be engaged in fundraising. We offer consultative input, and support the Director in decision making through dialogue and action. We actively lead events, programs, and projects.

We look forward to having you share your skills with RMFR. After completing the requested details, click the Continue button at the bottom to submit your application.

Board Commitments

The RMFR Board is a working board. The expected time commitment of our Board Members is at least 15-20 hours per month, which includes but is not limited to the following activities:

• Monthly Board of Directors Meeting (2 Hours) - third Thursday evening of each month

• Two Evening Volunteer Shifts Slammers Bingo Hall in Lakewood, CO (4 Hours per Shift - Mondays and Tuesdays)

• Relevant Committee Meetings (2-4 Hours)

• Other Volunteer and Fundraising Commitments (5-10 Hours)

Contact Information

Additional Details

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Previous Non-Profit Employment Experience, if any

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Board Governance Experience

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Other Network Resources

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Other Current Organization Affiliations

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Additional Skills

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Professional and Personal References

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If you join the RMFR Board of Directors, you agree that you can provide at least 15-20 hours per month in attendance and participation in Volunteer and Fundraising efforts, Bingo Nights, Board and Committee meetings, and that you do not have any conflict-of-interest in participating on the Board.