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The CDC defines “fully vaccinated” as having received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, two doses of Moderna, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen.

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The schedule for Artist Transport is still being created, however volunteers for this position will need availability from July 4th - July 11th. Please indicate your availability in the box below.

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The International Folk Art Market strives to be an inclusive organization. We believe that art and culture create opportunities for sharing, personal growth, and global connections. We look for ways to explore and celebrate these ties, and we seek opportunities to bring others into our activities and celebrations. While we have all witnessed waves of conflict throughout the world, it is undeniable that there has been an uptick in hate crimes in both local and global communities in the past couple of years. To this end, we recognize our responsibility to intentionally address any forms of action that perpetuate stereotypes, produce physical and emotional danger, or discriminate against participants of the International Folk Art Market (artists, Volunteers, guests, staff, contractors, etc.). These actions include, but are not limited to, microaggression, microassaults, and microinsults, as well as widely recognized behavior such as physical and verbal abuse. 

Volunteers are representatives of the International Folk Art Market.  The words, attitude, and actions of IFAM Volunteers reflect upon IFAM, its Board, staff, and the other Volunteers.  Because of the international nature of the Market, Volunteers also represent Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the United States. Volunteers should maintain the highest standards in the conduct of their activities so they and IFAM continue to be above reproach. In an effort to deescalate any potential situations, IFAM staff and Volunteer Chairs reserve the right to immediately dismiss any individual whose behavior is inappropriate. 

Each Volunteer is responsible for conducting their duties and representing the organization with integrity. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Putting the safety of all, yourself included,  first.

  • Treating everyone with respect, fairness, and consideration regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ability, country of origin, or sexual orientation. 

  • Reporting any discriminatory behavior while volunteering to IFAM’s Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator, Francesca Glaspell. If the complaint is about the aforementioned staff or you are unable to contact this person, Volunteers should immediately report to IFAM’s CEO, Melissa Mann. In instances where Volunteers do not feel comfortable reporting to either party, they are to contact one of IFAM’s staff. 

  • Prioritizing consent in all interactions with Market artists, guests, staff, and Volunteers.

  • Working cooperatively as a team member with staff and other Volunteers. 

  • Fulfilling your commitments. If for some reason you cannot make your shift, contact the appropriate individual and let them know. 

  • Maintaining confidentiality of non-public information, and not acting upon such information for personal gain.

  • Being truthful and accurate in all communications, records, and reporting.

  • Remembering this is a family event - keep language and behavior appropriate. 

  • Keeping personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of IFAM. Remember, when wearing your Volunteer t-shirt or are in a position in which you are clearly identified as an IFAM volunteer, you are representing the organization. If you are not “on duty” and do not wish to respond to guest inquiries, please dress in street attire. If you are wearing Volunteer apparel, please do your best to assist the person making the inquiry, regardless of your duty status.

  • Keeping IFAM staff informed of progress, concerns, and problems within the area(s) volunteered.

  • Avoiding any situation where personal interests are, or appear to be, in conflict with IFAM interests.

  • Acknowledging IFAM’s official Privacy & Media Policy. If a representative of the media, outside of IFAM, asks you any questions while volunteering at the Market, please refer them to IFAM CEO, Melissa Mann.

I acknowledge that my participation as a volunteer at IFAM Santa Fe is a potentially hazardous activity. I understand that although IFAM has taken steps to provide me with limited training, equipment, and safety preparations for my participation, it is impossible for IFAM to guarantee absolute safety. Also, I understand that I share the responsibility for my safety and assume that responsibility. I agree to comply with the instructions and directions of IFAM personnel while participating.

I grant permission to be photographed by affiliates and representatives of IFAM or interviewed by IFAM in connection with IFAM Santa Fe. I understand that any such photograph or interview may be used by IFAM for television, film, video, visual, graphic, or printed media. I agree to release and indemnify IFAM with respect to any claims related to the use of such photographs or interviews by IFAM or any media.

I understand that IFAM reserves the right to deny my participation for any reason or may dismiss me from my volunteer duties without warning.