Legacies: High School Visits is the only program of its kind in New England. Join a cohort of teens and learn more about the Holocaust by interviewing, working in teams, and creating a meaningful project. This program is open to all 9th-12th graders in Massachusetts regardless of religion. Some Holocaust knowledge is required.

As a member of a team, you’ll interview the same survivor four times over the course of the year and learn about life before, during, and after the war. This program provides 25 hours of community service and is an unforgettable experience.

Attendance at two training sessions and graduation are REQUIRED. Only apply if you are available from 1:00-5:00PM on November 6, 2016 and 1:00-3:00PM on March 5, 2017. Chaperones are required to attend the first training on November 6 from 4:00-5:00PM. The date of graduation will be determined based on attendees' availability.


Please contact Elyse Rast at erast@jfcsboston.org with any questions.

Personal Information

Adult Chaperone One

JF&CS policy requires that an adult be present at all four meetings. This duty can be shared between both families.
All information for one Adult Chaperone is required.

Adult Chaperone Two

If there is a second adult who may also be present, please fill out Chaperone Two.

Personal References

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Emergency Contact

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Answers to the following questions are required.


What is your interest in the Holocaust, and why do you want to establish a relationship with a survivor?


Our goal is to match you with a survivor who meets your personal needs to ensure a successful experience. What do you hope to learn from this program?


A final project is an important component of Legacies: High School Visits. Past projects have included time capsules, maps, videos, blogs, and collages. What are your academic and extra-curricular interests which might be useful for this activity?


You will be paired with one or two other students for this experience. What are your strengths and challenges when working in a team?


How far are you and your adult chaperone(s) comfortable traveling to in order to meet with the survivor? Remember you only have to meet four times.

Additional Comments:

Is there anything else that you'd like us to know when reviewing your application?

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I agree to attend two trainings, work collaboratively with my partner, meet with the survivor four times, complete a final project, respond in a timely manner to program staff correspondence, and attend graduation (date TBD). I understand I will receive 25 hours of community service and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
My Adult Chaperone(s) agree(s) to attend the last hour of the Fall training, accompany me during the home visits, encourage and help me as needed, and attend graduation. My adult chaperone(s) understand(s) that they are supporting me in creating an inter-generational relationship and enabling an enriching experience that will last a lifetime.