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Previous volunteer experience

Please list any previous volunteer experience you have and why you would like to be a volunteer at Marlborough Hospital.

Volunteering at Marlborough Hospital

Please tell us why you would like to be a volunteer at Marlborough Hospital. List any personal qualities or skills that you have that would help you make a positive contribution to Marlborough Hospital.


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Volunteer Agreement

The volunteers at Marlborough Hospital are very important to successful patient care. If I become a volunteer, I understand that I will be required to attend training opportunities, comply with Marlborough Hospital policies and represent the hospital well through my hospitality, helpfulness, dependability and confidentiality.

I understand that volunteer service requires orientation and a standard of proficiency is expected by the hospital. Assignments and adjustments will be made in the best interest of the hospital, with sensitivity and consideration of all involved.

I understand that I am committing to volunteer for a minimum of 100 hours.

I have read the above statement and accept these requirements for volunteer service.