*Thank you for your interest in Brookwood Baptist Health. Our location are Princeton , Shelby, Walker, Brookwood and Citizens

*At this current time we are NOT TAKING youth volunteer applications please check back*

Name and address

Demographic Information

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Volunteer Area


Please indicate the days you are available to volunteer.


Please provide references. Please refrain from listing relatives.

Volunteer Agreement

I understand that this application does not guarantee a volunteer placement.

I understand that a background check will be obtained regarding my personal information. Acceptance into the volunteer program will be contingent upon an acceptable report.

I affirm that the information provided on this application is true and complete.

I understand that as a Volunteer I do not expect compensation, salary, benefits or other payments in exchange for my providing volunteer services at Brookwood Baptist Health. I also understand that I am not an employee. I will be responsible for the cost of purchasing a uniform.