Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Riverdale Animal Shelter Foster Parent. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

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(Note: Foster homes must not exceed local pet limits in order to foster. If you are unsure about the pet limit in your area, please ask. No more than 6 dogs and cats may be kept in a foster home regardless of local animal control ordinances):
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Your Household Pets

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Time Commitment

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How much time do you have to commit to the training and care of your foster pets?

Due to the resources needed to onboard and training new fosters/volunteers, we ask that foster parents commit to remaining active in the foster program for at least 6 months. Are you able to make this time commitment to our program?

Prior Experience

What previous foster experience (if any) do you have?

How did you learn about our foster program?

Situational Question

Animals are typically placed into foster care due to young age, medical, or behavioral concerns. Some have a weakened immune system and may become ill, or during their treatment and care we may discover additional medical or behavioral concerns. While it is our desire to treat, rehabilitate, and find permanent placement for all animals in foster care, it is not always in the best interest of the animal to do so. In rare cases where a pet is suffering or cannot be safely adopted into the community, a foster pet may have to be euthanized. How would you feel if this decision needed to be made regarding an animal in your care?

By checking below I agree to the following:

• I understand a shelter representative will visit my home for a home inspection before I am permitted to foster pets for RAS.
• I understand that if I am approved for fostering, I will also need to carefully read the “Foster Parent Agreement,” which is a separate document from this “Foster Parent Application.” The Foster Parent Agreement represents the legal contract between a foster caregiver and shelter. I understand that if I am approved to foster an animal, I must review and sign the Foster Parent Agreement before I can take my foster animal home.
• I have read this application in its entirety, and I agree that all statements contained in this document are made by me, and are truthful.