Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a ZooTeen at Zoo New England. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom of the page.


• Must be a full-time resident of the City of Boston

• Must turn 15 years old on or before Monday, September 1, 2022.

• Cannot turn 19 years old, on or before Friday, September 1, 2022.

• Must be legally permitted to work in the United States.

You will also need to register with the City of Boston's Department of Youth Engagement and Employment's SuccessLink Summer Youth Employment Program to be eligible for the ZooTeen Program.

For more information and to register with the SuccessLink Summer Employment Program please visit:

General Information

Employment History

Please list your current or most recent employment experience. If you have no prior work experience please enter N/A.

Position Preference

Please review the following descriptions and pick your top 3 choices.

Use the check boxes below to indicate which position you are most interested in.

Education Interpreter

• Interpreters enrich guest’s experiences by teaching them about animals, conservation, and much more. Familiarize yourself with animals, exhibit information, and available day-to-day programming.

• Interpreters help guests of Zoo New England and Education program participants make connections to wildlife by sharing knowledge about animals, animal behavior, animal exhibits, and conservation.

• Interpreters learn about Zoo New England’s exhibits and programs through training sessions with full-time Education Interpreters.

• Interpreters act as goodwill guides by helping to answer any questions from visitors.

• Youth who have strong public speaking skills and are interested in education and conservation should apply.

Facilities Crew Member

• Gardeners assist the horticulture department with preparation, installation and maintenance of the zoo’s expansive grounds.

• Gardeners may assist with the maintenance of the Zoo’s grounds, including minor exhibits work and cleaning.

• Gardeners assist with planting, pruning, watering, and weeding the zoo grounds.

• Youth interested in maintenance and are comfortable getting their hands dirty should apply.

Guest Services Guides

• Guest Services Guides will work in one of 2 areas: Membership or Concessions.

• Guest Services Guides in Membership promote the benefits of memberships to guests.

• Guest Services Guides assist guests with membership purchases.

• Guest Services Guides in Concessions help with the day-to-day operations of the cafes and gift shops. This may include food prep, gift sales, customer service, counting and marking incoming merchandise, and assisting with rides or other attractions.

• Youth comfortable talking to the guests and have strong public speaking skills should apply.

Jr. Camp Counselor

• Jr. Camp Counselors (JCC) will work with 2020 ZooCamp at Franklin Park Zoo.

• JCC’s will work in partnership with a ZooCamp Camp Counselor to manage and lead a small group of kids ages 6-13.

• JCC's assist with instruction of fun and educational activities, games, all camp programs, and group safety.

• JCC's receive training on teaching strategies, curricula, Zoo exhibits, and the rules and regulations of ZooCamp.

• Youth interested in working with children and leading activities, games, and songs with campers should apply.

Keepers Aide:

• Keeper Aides work in one of four departments: Bird’s World, Children’s Zoo, Little Critters, or the Commissary.

• Keeper Aides are exposed to natural history and animal husbandry knowledge and skills.

• Keeper Aides assist zookeepers with aspects of animal care, including, but not limited to, diet preparation and habitat cleanliness.

• Youth interested in learning how to care for animals, are willing to clean animal enclosures, and want to learn more about animals should apply.

Zoo School Aide:

• Zoo School Aide will work with the 2020 Zoo School group at Franklin Park Zoo.

• Zoo School Aide assist with supervising Zoo School incoming 4th and 5th graders.

• Zoo School Aide assist and lead, where appropriate, educational activities.

• Zoo School Aide provide one-on-one help to Zoo School students.

• Zoo School Aide assist teachers with lessons, lesson plans, and administrative tasks.

• Youth interested in working with children in a classroom-style setting are encouraged to apply.


•  The position primarily involves the planting and maintenance of new and existing plantings at both Franklin Park Zoo including planting, weeding, and pruning. 

•  The candidate will have the opportunity to learn plant identification and husbandry, permaculture, and horticultural principles and design while working in both exhibits and in the landscape. No prior experience necessary, only a willingness to learn. 

•  The candidate should expect an active position including but not limited to digging, using hand tools, and working outdoors in different weather conditions. 

•  The candidate will work directly with horticulture staff to help install and maintain native plantings, pollinator gardens, the enrichment and vegetable garden, and animal habitats.


Please indicate the hours you are available to work each day for the months of July and August.

ZooTeens are scheduled for 25 hours per week. We appreciate flexibility in your schedule.

Please note, you are not creating your own schedule.

Emergency Contact Information

Why would you like to return?

Please describe why you would like to return to the ZooTeen Program? What do you hope to gain as a returning ZooTeen? What would you like to learn in another year at the Zoo?


What did you learn as a ZooTeen?

Describe 2 things you learned in your previous experience as a ZooTeen.



I declare that all of the information provided on this application is true and I understand that any falsification or misrepresentation may result in my termination from Zoo New England's ZooTeen program.

I also understand that in order to be eligible for the ZooTeen program I need to register with Boston Centers for Youth and Families Successlink Summer Employment Program.