Please complete this application form if you are interested in having your organization volunteer their time with Isle of Wight County Animal Services Division. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Group Info

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Coordinator Contact Info

Who is the main contact for the group?

Age Ranges

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Number of Members

What is the max number of volunteers you expect to bring with you during your visit? Please list separate number of group members and chaperones. Example: '10 students with 3 adult chaperones'.

Areas of Interest

Does your group have a goal to achieve while here? Do we need to focus on anything special during your visit? Is there a lesson or a topic that you would like for a staff member to talk about?


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.


Does any of your group members have any allergies, medical conditions or physical limitations that we should know about? If so, please list..

Media Consent

Do you (as the main contact) grant the Isle of Wight Animal Shelter to use any photos taken during your visit for promotional purposes? (to include use on various social media accounts)

Policy and Liability Waiver

1. The Isle of Wight County Animal Services Division is committed to positive and enduring community relationships, and all staff and volunteers are expected to uphold that commitment. By signing this application, you are indicating that you understand and will conduct yourself accordingly.
2. The Isle of Wight County Animal Services Division is an open intake shelter. Which means we accept all animals (resident of Isle of Wight County) regardless of age, health, or temperament. Because we accept all animals surrendered by residences of Isle of Wight County as well as house the strays of Isle of Wight County, we occasionally must euthanize animals who do not meet our health or temperament requirements. We also sometimes must euthanize animals due to space limitations. This also means that at any given time, citizens may be surrendering their pets. Please be respectful of this process on behalf of the animal, the citizen and the staff members assisting. Please let us know if you have any questions about these policies.
3. During a group's visit to the shelter, all volunteer policies and disclaimers apply to any and all member of visiting groups. (To include children, parents, guardians or chaperones) if regulations and instructions are not being followed staff has the right to terminate individuals level of participation at any time during the duration of the visit.
4. All groups must have a responsible chaperone present during the entire visit
5. Please make sure to notify staff if there is any physical limitations, allergies or fear/uncertainty of participating members
6. We often take photos of our groups during their visits to use as promotions on our Facebook and other social media sites. Please notify all guardians of visiting children of this possibility. If you do not wish to be featured or have your photos taken, please speak to staff directly.
7. The Isle of Wight County Animal Services Division is not liable for any lost or stolen personal items that are brought into the facility. The shelter has provided lockers for all volunteers to use. Please feel free to bring a personal lock for your belongings. All items stored in the lockers must be taken home with you after each day. Any item(s) found in the locker at the end of business, are subject to being placed into our Lost & Found. If you have left your personal lock on one of the lockers (restricting others from using) for more than 2 weeks, Isle of Wight Animal Shelter has the right to remove your personal lock.
8. Please allow staff to properly schedule your group accordingly. We are often short staffed, and weekends can become very busy quickly. For larger groups, we prefer to have at least two staff members assigned to your group and that requires advanced notice for scheduling purposes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we want to provide you with the best volunteer experience possible during your visit!
9. Please have a list of attending members prepared for the staff upon arriving. This is to keep track of your group in case of an emergency during your visit.
10. Please note that ALL volunteers should be dressed appropriately (to include closed toed shoes). Our volunteers often come in contact with cleaning products that may stain, direct contact with our animals and/or assist with yard work. Please wear something you are allowed to get dirty.
11. Isle of Wight County Animal Services Division partners with Western Tidewater Regional Jail in a trustee work release program. By agreeing and accepting all rules and regulations associated with this program you are agreeing to work alongside said trustees in accordance to both agencies regulations. Termination of your ability to volunteer can/will be revoked at any point that these regulations are thought to be violated.

I do hereby acknowledge and assume any and all risk of personal injury or property damage or loss occasioned by or resulting from any participation as a volunteer in activities relating to the operations of the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Division (IOW Animal Shelter). I further agree to release the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office (IOWSO), Isle of Wight County, the Board of Supervisors, Constitutional Officers, employees, staff, volunteers, and/or agents from all causes of action and claims of personal injury or property damage or loss of any kind which may be suffered by me. I hereby waive all legal rights and claims which I might otherwise assert or maintain against IOWOS, Isle of Wight County, or any other persons listed above, including but not limited to rights arising from or claims for the acts or omissions, fault, or negligence in any degree of IOWSO, Isle of Wight County, or any of the persons listed above.
I understand and agree that neither Isle of Wight County nor any of the persons listed above shall be liable or responsible for any medical or related costs I may incur as a result of my participation in the Animal Shelter operations or activities.
*My signature below indicates that I have read and understand the above Release of Liability. I also acknowledge that all information in this application is true and I agree to the terms in this application.