Thank you for volunteering with the CEC! Each person will need to complete their own volunteer application with different email addresses and cell phone numbers to enable them to access their volunteer portal. Volunteers 16 years old and over can volunteer without an adult. Volunteers 12-15 years old need to have an adult with them. Younger volunteers will need to coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator for service projects.

Your pin # will be your phone number without the area code and you will use it to sign in at the volunteer location. There is a chance that Volgistics will assign your birthday or a random number. Once you login to your volunteer page, you will see volunteer opportunities and your pin number will be with your contact information. 

Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Tiffany Guillory-Hood, if you have any questions or if you want to find out more ways to serve a the CEC. Phone: (817) 766-9667 or Email:

Personal Information

Demographic Information

Language Skills

Group Name - Church, School, or NA

Emergency Contact


Consent & Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that volunteering is a commitment to work with the Community Enrichment Center (The CEC) to make a difference in our community. I agree to respect The CEC policies and practices, represent The CEC in a positive and professional manner, to show up when scheduled, follow direction given by the staff or crew chiefs, or supervisor, refrain from swearing or cursing, follow the casual dress code with NO OPEN TOE SHOES, shorts or skirts must be knee length, no tank tops and no offensive language or offensive pictures on clothing. I will not conduct personal business while volunteering for The CEC.

I hereby certify that the information provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and subject to verification by the CEC. I have not knowingly withheld any relevant information. I consent to a criminal background report if requested by The CEC and understand that the CEC obtains the right to refuse and /or deny any individual or group from volunteer with the agency.

All items are donated for the needy. I agree to not take food, drinks, products or any items for personal use.

I understand that the CEC is not responsible for personal items that may be damaged or stolen. I agree to not bring personal items including cell phones, wallets, purses, etc.

I grant The CEC the right to photograph or record me on video and to use my name, voice and/or likeness for promotional purposes related to The CEC. By disclosing my email address, I agree that The CEC may contact me for the purpose of advising me about any of The CEC programs or services, volunteer opportunities or for such other purposes as The CEC may deem appropriate.

I understand that the volunteer activities I may be asked to perform may involve physical activity, contact with unidentified and unfamiliar person(s), travel to and from unspecified locations, and other potential risks of injury. Knowing this, I agree to take responsibility for my own personal safety when participating in any volunteer opportunities. I agree to participate only in volunteer activities of which I am physically capable without risk of injury to myself or others I assume any and all risk I connection with my volunteer efforts or participation, including without limitation risk of any accident or injury to person or property which I may sustain in connection with my participation. In addition , I hereby release and discharge Community Enrichment Center and any of its directors, officers, employees, partners, affiliates, agents and successors from any and all liability or responsibility for any such accident or injury.

Volunteers under 18 are not allowed to operate machinery or be involved in any dangerous service activities. A parent, guardian, or chaperone needs to be in charge of youth 12- 15 years old at all times during the service project. 

As a volunteer, I may, during the course of my volunteer work, have access to documents, data, personal records or other information related to the CEC and its activities which may not be known to the general public. The board of directors, staff, donors, volunteers and partners of the CEC trust that all sensitive information and records be kept confidential. I agree to hold in complete confidence any information about program participants and program housing locations. No solicitation of any kind may be allowed.