For Adult Volunteers 18 years of age or older and those applying with a Junior Volunteer (note name of Junior(s) in Availability section).

Please be sure to fill out as many parameters as possible to ensure an easier processing of your application.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Who can we contact on your behalf in case of an emergency?

Demographic Information

The information provided is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Work/Education Background

Please list current occupation, education degree, or any other work/education detail.

Have you ever worked or volunteered for the Virginia Living Museum before? If yes, in what capacity?

Experience With the Public

All positions within the museum require you to work cooperatively with small to large groups of people.

A) Are you comfortable working in a group and around many people?

B) What is your past experience working with the public?

C) Being a volunteer may require flexibility. Are you interested in learning more than just your scheduled shift and location within the museum?

Tell us more

A) Please list any past volunteer experience.

B) What prompted you to become involved as a volunteer right now and what do you hope to gain from this experience?

C) How will you help us meet our mission?:

"Connecting people to nature through educational experiences that promote conservation"


A) Do you speak a foreign language, or know Sign Language? If so please specify.

B) Please list any skills, certifications, or qualities you possess that would potentially benefit the museum.


A) Are you a member of the VLM?

B) List your hobbies, club or organizations membership, etc.

Statement on Health and Safety

The Virginia Living Museum places high priority on the safety of our animals, as well as our volunteers. Please keep in mind that some volunteer positions involve contact with live animals. We take care to limit exposure to diseases caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans. While the health of our animals is regularly monitored by veterinarians, contact with live animals may carry the possibility of exposure to animal-borne diseases. Similarly, please be aware some pre-existing human health, or other conditions may not be suitable for certain positions.

Please list the position(s) you prefer:

List 3 in order of MOST interested. Please be specific (See list of Position Descriptions at


Please list two (2) people with whom you've had or currently have a professional working relationship with (not neighbors, friends or family).


Please indicate the days that you are potentially available to volunteer and whether you would prefer a morning or afternoon shift.

Our shifts are Monday-Sunday; evening availability Fri, Sat, or Sun on occasion.

Applicant Certification and Code of Conduct

I certify that the above information is complete and true to the best of my knowledge and authorize the Virginia Living Museum to contact employers and references listed above concerning my work experience. I understand that the discovery of any misrepresentation or omission of the facts in this application may be cause for my immediate dismissal.

All volunteers as part of their volunteer role may be photographed/videotaped performing their tasks at any time. Virginia Living Museum volunteers are active promoters and representatives for the Museum and therefore, agree to any photography/videography of their person while performing volunteer service

• I understand that the goal of volunteering is to engage and educate the public, and my attitudes and actions should always further that goal.

• I agree to work my entire volunteer shift as scheduled, to conduct myself in an appropriate manner, to be honest, to dress in attire that follows the volunteer dress code, to follow safety procedures, and to be prepared for my shift.

• I understand that if I cannot make a volunteer shift/training (or any part of a shift/training), it is important to notify the Volunteer Services Office ahead of time (24–48 hours notice) by calling (757)534-7428, emailing or signing out via the volunteer online portal.

• During my scheduled volunteer shift, I agree to follow directions given by staff, stay in my designated area, and though I may have friends who are also volunteers at the museum, I understand that while I am at the museum, my focus should be on the guests.

• I understand that I am responsible for reviewing all materials given to me at my interview, Orientation and trainings if accepted into the program.

• I know that I represent the museum, and I promise not to engage in any activity that may cause harm to the animals, museum, others and/or myself.

*I understand that failing to observe the above protocols will result in disciplinary action and can result in my dismissal from the volunteer program.