Please complete this application if you are interested in Volunteering to help walk dogs at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. This application is NOT for individuals in need of community service hours. Once the application is complete, click the continue button at the bottom to submit! Once your application is processed, you will receive an email from our Volunteer Team with the link to sign up for a Dog Handling training class with our Behavior and Enrichment Team! 

Contact Information

Emergency Contact


  1. You must be at least 18 years or older to Volunteer with the dogs at Palm Beach Animal Care and Control.

  2. All animal-handling positions require a hands-on training class here at the shelter with our behavior team.

  3. Sign the  Waiver of Liability when you attend the Dog Handling 101 class with the behavior and enrichment team. ***Please be sure to bring your drivers license with you. 

  4. Purchase your official volunteer t-shirt ($10) on the day of your training.

  5. The volunteer process at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control includes a background screening. We are currently expediting this process. Please be advised that you may be asked to consent to a background screening in the future which includes fingerprinting.


Do you currently or have you previously volunteered at any other animal rescue organization where you are handling large (40+ lbs.) dogs? Please respond YES or NO. If so, where?  

Criminal Background

Have you ever been criminally charged with or convicted of animal cruelty, animal neglect, domestic violence, or any violent crime? Please respond YES or NO. If so, please explain in detail.  

Animal Welfare Investigation

Have you ever been investigated by an animal welfare organization for animal cruelty or neglect? Please respond YES or NO. If so, please explain in detail.

Community Service Hours

Are you in need of community service hours? Please respond YES or NO. If so, please explain in detail and list the name of your school or workplace below. If you are volunteering for REQUIRED community service hours that are NOT for school or work, these hours will NOT be approved.   

Medical Concerns

If you have any medical or health issues that may interfere with you volunteering here, please explain so that we can do our best to accommodate you. If there are none, write NONE.

Email Preferences

Email is our primary mode of communication. We send volunteers information on upcoming events, celebrations, reminders, and important updates.

Open Admission Shelter

Working in an open admission animal shelter where we may accept any animal in need can be emotional. For animals that are suffering from disease, injury or other infirmities, pose a safety threat or for which a caring home cannot be found, euthanasia is the most humane alternative.

Volunteer Pledges, Rules, & Waiver of Liability

As a volunteer, you PLEDGE TO:

*Become familiar with ACC policies and procedures as well as uphold their philosophy and standards.

*Seek clarification from volunteer management or staff when required.

*Communicate any job-related problems, concerns, differences of opinion, conflicts, or suggestions to the volunteer coordinator, shelter management, and/or the director.

*Display courtesy, sensitivity, and compassion for both people and animals. You agree to treat ALL animals here at the shelter in accordance with ACC's high standards of moral and ethical treatment. You agree to treat all customers, staff, and other volunteers with respect even if you disagree with their actions or opinions. (This includes conversations & interactions online and through social media.)

*Promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals.

*Strive to promote a positive environment.


*Working as a volunteer is dependent on a law enforcement background check. I will wear my photo ID badge each time I volunteer, and I am responsible for my badge.

*I will wear my volunteer shirt, jeans or capris, and closed toed shoes (required). Jeans/pants with holes or rips, spaghetti strap tank tops, or open toed shoes are not permitted when working as a volunteer.

*I will sign in & out of Volgistics (volunteer database) on the computer in the main lobby each time I volunteer. If a dog/cat key is needed, I will sign it out from the volunteer coordinator's office and return it at the end of my shift.

*I will stick to my commitment of the shift(s) I chose and will inform the volunteer coordinator and/or my section manager if I am unable to make a shift or if I need to change my schedule.

*I consent to the possibility of appearing in still or motion pictures. I understand that my name and/or photo may be used for educational, promotional, or other purposes related to the mission of the organization.

*I will not use the word "kill" or refer to ACC as a "kill shelter" or use disparaging comments at ACC or on social media.

*If I post on social media, I agree to post only management-approved animals for the purposes of helping them get adopted or fostered. I will refrain from posting any information about animals that have not been approved for adoption, foster, or rescue without permission from the director (this includes my personal sites). I will refrain from posting information about animals which are the subject of any investigation, court case, or special hold.

*I understand and accept that not every animal will be saved. I will be respectful to the employees who must make the difficult decisions on euthanasia and will not criticize or disparage the shelter or staff while volunteering or publicly on social media.


I understand and agree that volunteering at the Palm Beach County Division of Animal Care & Control may subject me to various risks and dangers and agree to protect, defend, reimburse, indemnify and hold Palm Beach County, its' agents, officers, employees, and elected officials harmless at all times from and against all claims, liability, expenses, losses, costs, fines, damages or causes of action of every kind and character, including attorney's fees and costs, whether at trial or appellate levels or otherwise, arising during, as a result of, or in connection with my participation as a volunteer.

I hereby assume the risk of participating as a volunteer at the Palm Beach County Division of Animal Care & Control and hold Palm Beach County, its agents, officers, employees and elected officials harmless at all times from and against all claims, liability, expenses, losses, costs, fines, damages, or causes of action of every kind and character, including attorney's fees and costs, whether at trial or appellate levels or otherwise due to their acts, errors or omissions resulting in bodily injury, including death, or damage to my property incident to, or in connection with my participation in the volunteer program. Additionally, authorization is hereby given for emergency medical care rendered to me.

I agree to release, indemnify, and defend Palm Beach County and its officials, officers, employees, and agents from and against any claim that I, my parents or legal guardian, or any other person may have for any losses, damages, injuries, or death arising out of or in connection with my participation in this volunteer program.

I indicate by checking the box below that I have read the terms and conditions of participation and agree to abide by them. I have carefully read this agreement and acknowledge that I understand it. No representation, statements, or inducements, oral or written, apart from the foregoing written statement have been made. This agree shall be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, the rest of the document shall continue in full force and effect.

By checking this box, I am agreeing to follow these rules and all policies and procedures that are in place for the division.