Please complete this application and waiver of liability if you are interested in researching any of Oakland County Parks' Natural Resources. This form will be required to be submitted annually.

Contact Information

Please complete this form. Your contact information will not be shared.

Academic Institution/Organization

• If completing research as part of an academic requirement or enhancement, please provide the name of the academic institution and/or the degree/certificate. If completing research through a professional affiliation please provide the name of the organization.

Project Plan

Please complete this section to provide us with a thorough understanding of your goals by stating the NAME of your project, followed by a summary of the PURPOSE of your project.

Requested Activity

Please select the park where you wish to complete this research, then describe the TYPE of research you wish to conduct and the anticipated FREQUENCY of your visits. Types may include:

1. Visual Survey (on trail OR off trail)

2. Material Collection *

3. Material Addition *

4. Other *

* please provide additional information

Project Completion

All results from research conducted on OCPR property must be shared with OCPR’s Natural Resources department. When do you anticipate the results from your research/study will be available?

Emergency Contact

Waiver of Liability

In consideration of the Oakland County Parks and Recreation permitting me to participate in the Natural Resources Research Program, I agree to this Waiver of Liability. I understand that as part of my volunteer duties I may be near potential hazards. I recognize and accept such dangers and assume all responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death, property damage, whether known or unknown, and whether caused by my negligence or the negligence of employees, patrons or others. I agree to waive, release and discharge the County of Oakland, Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission, and the elected and appointed officials, officers, staff, agents, employees, volunteers (referred to collectively herein as the County) from all liability, damages, injuries, claims or demands on account of injury to me, including death, whether caused by the County, me, or any other individual arising out of or in any way connected to the operation of Oakland County Parks and Recreation and my acting as a volunteer.

I have read and voluntarily signed this Agreement and Waiver of Liability (collectively “Agreement”). This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement. There are no other agreements modifying its terms. I acknowledge that no one has made any representations to me that have not been expressly stated in this Agreement. Any modifications to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by me and a duly authorized officer of the County and must specifically refer to and expressly amend this Agreement.