Thank you for you interest volunteering at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. To register as a volunteer, please complete the following information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Nolan Patin, at  Once we have received your application we will be in touch with more information. Thank you for volunteering at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

Contact Information:

Demographic Information

We use the following information in a variety of ways.  Foundations and Grant Proposals often ask us for demographic information of our volunteers, including ages, race/ethnicity, gender, zip codes, etc.  Many of these questions are OPTIONAL but will help us when we write grants for funding, and will also help us with assessing our own reach and impact on our community. 

Areas of Interest:

Please indicate below which volunteer opportunities you are interested in.  A brief description of each position has been detailed below.  

Acting - All of our actors on stage are volunteers.  Auditions dates are listed on our web site   There is also an audition handbook online which answers questions and concerns you may have before auditioning.   No prior experience is necessary. Good luck! We're rooting for you.

Auditions:   Volunteers come in to assist with the audition process.  A brief training to use our online registration form will be needed.  Daytime and evening hours. No experience necessary.

Building Assistance - Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is housed in the Historic Majestic Theatre, which is over 100 years of age.  We are also looking for the special volunteers who would like to come in and assist with general upkeep of the building.  Easy repairs, spot cleaning, small painting projects, delivery of items, etc.  This is a great position for someone who has a flexible schedule and would like to come and go when they can.  Daytime hours mostly - may also work on weekends.

Business Office - Volunteers are often needed to assist in data entry, filing and general office work. Times and commitment lengths vary, but daytime hours only.

Costume Shop - Assist the costume designer in constructing, hand finishing, and/or altering costumes for the current production.   Volunteers sew, mend, iron and clean costumes.   It is helpful for the volunteer to have sewing experience but not necessary.   The costume shop operates both during the day and evening hours. 

Hospitality - A group of volunteers who assist with cast/crew dinners and opening night functions.  Cast/Crew dinners would be on Saturdays/Sundays during technical rehearsals and opening night parties immediately follow the show.  Some late nights involved.  Let us know if you are interested and we will put you on the list to call as events come up.  

House Volunteers (ushers, door, will call, coat check & concessions) – 
This is a great way to get started volunteering and meet lots of interesting people. Each night we need 16 volunteers to fill all areas.   Report time is one hour prior to performance time and you need you to stay through the show to get everything set for the next performance.  All these areas are invited to stay and watch the show for free during the night of volunteering.

Props Shop - On occasion our properties team needs volunteers to come in and assist with large projects for certain productions.  

Scene Shop - Can you vision a bare stage coming to life with sets and scenery?  Our Technical Director and Scenic Designer are always looking for extra hands to help with this process.  The sets are built between productions in the mornings from 8am-2pm and then again at night from 5pm-8pm.  Volunteers help build, cover, repair, paint and tear down former sets.  It is helpful for volunteers in this area to have some experience but it is not necessary since there are many jobs to do that do not require experience.  We also need volunteers who can come down and take down the sets for strike.  Strikes usually happen the day after a show closes from noon – until done.  

Production Crew-  This is a fun and exciting way to volunteer your time but it takes an individual who is dedicated to the run of the production.  Volunteers in this area usually work every night (six nights per week) or trade off with another crew member (3 nights per week) for the whole run of the performance.   Performances run three to five weeks, 5 nights a week.   Must also be available for all technical rehearsals which run the week before opening.  For musicals this can be a six-week commitment for the volunteer.