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I acknowledge that my participation as a volunteer at IFAM Santa Fe is a potentially hazardous activity. I understand that although the IFAM has taken steps to provide me with limited training, equipment and safety preparations for my participation, it is impossible for IFAM to guarantee absolute safety. Also, I understand that I share the responsibility for my safety and assume that responsibility. I agree to comply with the instructions and directions of IFAM personnel while participating.
I grant permission to be photographed or interviewed in connection with IFAM Santa Fe. I understand that any such photograph or interview may be used by IFAM for television, film, video, visual, graphic or printed media. I agree to release and indemnify IFAM with respect to any claims related to the use of such photographs or interviews by the IFAM or any media.
I understand that IFAM reserves the right to deny my participation for any reason or may dismiss me from my volunteer duties without warning.