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Please note, all applicants will be required to show proof of ID to volunteer. Proof of ID will be collected during the orientation process.

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I understand that if I use my personal automobile during my volunteer service I will arrange to keep automobile insurance in effect according to the guidelines required by state law.

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RSVP volunteers are covered by accident, personal liability, and supplemental excess automobile insurance plus a small death benefit. Coverage is automatic and free for active, enrolled RSVP volunteers.

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*RSVP/VANTAGE Aging has my permission to use general information about my volunteer work and to use photos taken of me while volunteering for promotional purposes for VANTAGE Aging and the RSVP program.

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This information will be used by VANTAGE Aging for demographical information pertaining to RSVP volunteers. Completion of this statistical information is optional and will not affect consideration or placement for available RSVP volunteer opportunities.

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