If you are 18 years or older we will be sending you a link for a background check once you schedule your first assignment. This is the last process in completing the application.

Name and address

If you are applying for a group please enter the contacts information here. You will list participants for the group in the next section.

Demographic Information

For Employer information please list Supervisor Name and Title and the address of the company. If you are a youth volunteer please provide your full birth date.

Emergency Contact Information

References (No relatives please)

Please provide 2 references.

Email Preferences

We like to keep volunteers informed of important news, schedules, and volunteer opportunities by email, however will not send you any email you prefer not to receive. Use the checkboxes below to select the kinds of email you would like to receive from us.




Please indicate when you are available


If you need accommodations to perform your task or other considerations you wish to convey to Lake Metroparks staff please list here.

Lake Metroparks Volunteer Waiver

Lake Metroparks Volunteer Waiver
In consideration of my participation in volunteer activities in and around Lake Metroparks, I do hereby declare myself
to be medically able to participate in volunteer activities of Lake Metroparks. I understand that there may be risks involved
in all physical activities, and I agree to familiarize myself with all equipment, rules and physical demands related to the activities
that I undertake. I agree to hold Lake Metroparks and the Board of Commissioners, employees, volunteers, and sponsors free
from all liability and/or claims for injuries or damages to property or person. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and
administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which I have or which may hereafter accrue to me arising out of or connected with my participation in any of the activities of Lake Metroparks.

Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer for Lake Metroparks Volunteer Program I agree:
To accept my assignment with an open mind and willingness to learn.
To accept supervision by staff member and/or volunteer staff in order to do a better job.
To be responsible for my volunteer work and to act with proper consideration for those I work with.
To notify the volunteer office of any changes in my situation that will effect my completing my assignment.
To follow the guidelines provided to me.
To make a legitimate effort to be on time to my volunteer assignment.

Volunteer Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment

Policy and Procedures Lake Metroparks is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual's sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic shall not be tolerated. As an example, sexual harassment (both overt and subtle) is a form of employee misconduct that is demeaning to another person, undermines the integrity of the employment relationship, and is strictly prohibited.Any employee who wants to report an incident of sexual or other unlawful harassment shall promptly report the matter to his or her supervisor. If the supervisor is unavailable or the employee believes it would be inappropriate to contact that person, the employee shall immediately contact the Division Head or Personnel Department.Lake Metroparks shall not consider or inquire into any criminal background of the applicant for a position at Lake Metroparks, unless specifically disqualified from a particular position by any provision of the Ohio Revised Code or under federal law because of a prior conviction or plea of guilty to a particular offense.
Employees/Volunteers can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Any supervisor or manager who becomes aware of possible sexual or other unlawful harassment shall promptly advise the Volunteer Program Manager, Division Head, Personnel Department, and Executive Director who shall handle the matter in a timely and confidential manner. Anyone engaging in sexual or other unlawful harassment shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of volunteer service.
I understand that, should I fail to comply with the guidelines or fail to keep the commitment without giving the Lake Metroparks Volunteer Department adequate notice, I will not be able to complete my volunteer service with the Lake Metroparks.

Service Commitment

I understand that I have made a volunteer service commitment to Lake Metroparks. I shall complete all training requited and fulfill the assignments to which I have committed. I, the undersigned, state that all information completed is true. I authorize Lake Metroparks to verify the information by any means necessary. Lake Metropaks reserves the right to dismiss volunteer(s) at any time for any reason; advance written notice is not required.
Ohio Law Notice to Current and Prospective Volunteers: In accordance with Ohio Law 187 Sec. 109.575 effective March 22, 2001 all organizations and entities that may have volunteers who regularly have unsupervised access to children, the organization or entity must inform the person that, at anytime, the person might be required to provide a set of fingerprints and criminal records check might be conducted with respect to the volunteer.
Criminal background checks are mandatory for anyone 18 years of age or older volunteering with Lake Metroparks.