Oregon has 4.2 million residents. We need to deliver roughly 5.8 million vaccine doses to 2.9 million Oregonians to reach herd immunity in our state. This is a big job, and no one organization can do it alone. Hillsboro Medical Center (formerly Tuality Healthcare) is in need of community volunteers to support our COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic.

This application form is intended only for individuals who are not current Hillsboro Medical Center employees or volunteers.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. There are currently only one available for this opportunity located at the Hillsboro Stadium.

Please complete this application. Once you complete the form, click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom. We will reach out to you with further details on background check and training. After you complete the application and onboarding process, you will be given access to view the available volunteer shifts. The current processing time is between 2-3 weeks.

Contact Information

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Emergency Contact

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Demographic Information

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Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

Current Roles

Below is a list of current roles available.

***Please note: ALL roles require a clear criminal background check. Applicant will be responsible for international background checks, if they have lived internationally within the past 10 years. The application and job description will be sent to you.


- Greeting

- Traffic Flow

- Registration and Check in

- Runner

- Wait Period Monitor


- Wait Period Monitor

- Vaccine Preparation

- Vaccine Administration

- Clinical Lead


Please indicate which agency you are a part of and if you are employed/retired:

- Washington County Medical Reserve Corp (SERV-OR)

- Hillsboro HOPS

- American Red Cross

- Tuality/Hillsboro Medical Center Retiree

- Pacific University Student

- Amazon Employee

- Student

- Retired

- Intel Retiree

- Other - please indicate where you are employed

- Unemployed

Applicant Acknowledgement and Consent

I certify that the statements made in this application are true and correct, and have been given voluntarily.

1. As part of the evaluation process, a consumer report including a criminal history background check may be obtained from one or more consumer reporting agencies. I give Hillsboro Medical Center permission to obtain information regarding previous employment and volunteer experience, criminal history, and to investigate all information provided during the application process.

2. I understand that I will be required to review safety and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) policies before beginning my volunteer assignment. I also understand that I must comply with all laws, regulations, patient care directives, and Hillsboro Medical Center policies while performing volunteer service and that use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited while performing volunteer service or at any Hillsboro Medical Center property.

3. I understand that Hillsboro Medical Center respects patients’ rights with regard to privacy of information and I agree to respect these rights in the performance of my volunteer duties and adhere to confidentiality in all my statements outside the hospital. I agree to respect patients’ rights to privacy, as well as those of the family of patients and the hospital.

4. I understand that Hillsboro Medical Center or I may end my volunteer service at any time, for any reason.

5. I understand that Hillsboro Medical Center will attempt to accommodate, but cannot guarantee, my service assignment preference.

6. I understand that as a volunteer, I am not an employee of Hillsboro Medical Center and therefore I will not receive any wages, salary, benefits, insurance, or any other compensation or remuneration for my services. I am volunteering to improve patient care in my community and understand that volunteering is not a promise of future employment (or continued employment if I am also a Hillsboro Medical Center employee) and is not a contract of any kind, whether express or implied, for employment or otherwise.

7. Because I am not an employee of Hillsboro Medical Center, I understand that I am not covered by Worker’s Compensation laws in the event that I have a volunteer-related injury or disease.

By submitting the volunteer application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above statements. I certify that all answers to the questions in this application and all additional information I may have submitted are true ad complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that giving false information or misrepresenting facts, may be grounds for denial to volunteering for the Vaccine Clinic.