Please complete this application form if you are 18+ and interested in becoming a Horses for Healing volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

If you have any questions, please contact Riggan, our Volunteer Coordinator, at

About You

Assignment Preference

Please select the types of volunteer activities you would like to assist with. You can choose more than one option.

Specialized Skills

From time to time our projects require special skills outside of our normal volunteer needs. If you have experience in the areas listed below, please let us know.


Please indicate all the days and times you could be available to volunteer. Then specify the amount of time you would like to volunteer each day / week / month. We can then determine the best fit for scheduling your time.

Horse Experience

Do you have any prior experience with horses? If so, please give a brief description of your experience with them. (Note that no horse experience is required to be a volunteer.)

Children and Disabilities

Do you have prior experience with children or people with disabilities? If so, please give a brief explanation. (Note that no experience is required to be a volunteer.)


Please provide 2 NON-family member references

Emergency Contact

Please provide information regarding the person to contact in event of an emergency.

Emergency Care

Please enter information that might be needed to enable us to get you prompt treatment in the event of an emergency.

Background information

I, the Volunteer named in this application, authorize Horses for Healing to receive information from any law enforcement agency, including police departments and sheriff’s departments, of this state or any other state or federal government, to the extent permitted by state and federal law, pertaining to any convictions I may have had for violations of state or federal criminal laws, including but not limited to convictions for crimes committed upon children or animals. I understand that such access is for the purpose of considering my application as a volunteer, and I expressly DO NOT authorize the Horses for Healing, its directors, officers, employees or other volunteers to disseminate this information in any way to any other individual, group, agency, organization or corporation.

Use the Criminal History field below to indicate whether or not you have ever been convicted of a crime or if you currently have charges pending.

Community Service

If you are performing community service for either court ordered hours or school credit, please let us know.

Agreement & Signature

I understand that the information provided on all the pages of this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I know of no reason why I should not participate in this center’s program. Additionally, I understand that my signatures on this form are considered valid across years of service, and annual updates are no longer required. If there are changes needed on any of my personal information, insurance status, or health concerns, or other pertinent information on this form it is my responsibility to update Horses for Healing, Inc.