The TeenSafe program is designed to give teens the language and tools they need to recognize abuse in a dating relationship and know how to respond if they see, hear about, or experience it.

Members meet 1-2 Sunday afternoons per month (October through May) to participate in exciting peer-driven awareness raising activities, learn about healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships, and enhance leadership and presentation skills. Following completion of a comprehensive training on preventing teen dating abuse, participants consider ways to raise awareness among their peers. Opportunities might include (but are not limited to!) designing and implementing workshops for youth groups, schools and other high school programs, representing TeenSafe at local events, creating awareness-raising materials like posters or videos or crafting social media posts. Members will enjoy great snacks and community service hours are offered upon completion of the program.

TeenSafe is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade teens. Once an application is completed, candidates are required to attend an in-person or phone interview with the TeenSafe Fellow to determine eligibility.

Please contact the TeenSafe Fellow at with any questions.

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