Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Torrance Police Department. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Name and address

Demographic Information

You may optionally provide the following information. It is used only to help us get a better idea of the demographic make-up of our volunteers.

Position Applying for

Please indicate the position you are applying for.


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

Education and License

Please enter the level of education you have attained and also provide your drivers' license if applicable. If you have not graduated from high school, please indicate the highest grade completed.


Please list any education, experience, special skills, and/or training that you have that may assist you in this volunteer opportunity.

Personal Statement

Please provide a brief statement explaining the reasons that you are interested in volunteering with the City of Torrance Police Department.


Please provide the name and contact information for a reference check. References should be people who can speak to your character and qualification. Please do not use relatives as references.

Emergency Contacts

Please enter the name(s)and contact information for the person(s) that should be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Conviction History

Your application is subject to a complete background check including a review of any criminal conviction. A conviction does not immediately disqualify an applicant from serving as a City of Torrance Volunteer; consideration will be given to the length of time that has elapsed, the severity of the offense, and the relationship of the offense to the position the applicant is applying for. Applicants that intentionally withhold conviction information will be disqualified from service as a City of Torrance Volunteer. Please disclose any convictions--including misdemeanors--by indicating the date and the nature of the conviction.

Volunteer Service Agreement &Truth of Disclosure

Background check: I understand that I will be subject to a background check that includes submission of my fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Photo Release: I give the City of Torrance, free of any compensation, unlimited permission to use, publish, and republish, in any media now in existence or that may later be developed, for any lawful purpose as it determines, information and reproduction of my likeness related to any aspect of my volunteer service for the City. I hereby waive my right to first review the use of my likeness before any use or publication.

I declare under penalty of perjury that all statements and answers provided on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand that false, misleading, or incomplete information shall be cause for disqualification from service.