Thank you for your interest in participating in Delaware County District Library's Volunteen Program!

Please complete this form, click submit, and follow the instructions on the confirmation page in order to complete the application process.

Teens MUST complete the application themselves; applications filled out by parents on their teen's behalf WILL NOT be accepted.

If you are unable to fill out the Volunteen Application, please contact the Volunteen Coordinator at your branch of choice.

Contact Information

Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Contact Information

For safety and privacy reasons, the Library will ONLY discuss the Volunteen with the parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) listed here.

AT LEAST ONE COMPLETED CONTACT IS REQUIRED. You will not be able to volunteer without providing at least one parent/guardian's information.

Volunteering Preferences

Please select the Delaware County District Library location at which you'd like to volunteer; Volunteens may only volunteer at ONE location.

Also, please double check the address listed to make sure you select the correct location.

Reasons for Interest *

You must provide an answer to this question in order to be considered for a Volunteen position.

Strengths, Skills, and Experience *

You must provide an answer to this question in order to be considered for a Volunteen position.

Volunteen Conduct Agreement

As a Volunteen, you will be asked to follow many of the same rules as a paid staff member. Here are some basic guidelines that all Volunteens are expected to follow:

1. Your shift is real-life work experience; you are expected to arrive on time when you are scheduled.

2. If you are unable to work a scheduled shift, you must notify the library prior to the shift.

3. Cell phone use is not permitted during your shift.

4. Do not bring any friends, siblings, or children with you; they will distract from your work. 

5. No food or beverages (other than water) are permitted in the public areas while you are volunteering.

6. Be polite and use respectful language when interacting with all library staff and patrons.

7. Dress appropriately: Remember, this is work experience!

8. You are only allowed in library staff areas during your scheduled shift.

9. Please arrange for transportation to and from the library prior to your shift. Library staff cannot give rides to Volunteens.

10. Patron Confidentiality is essential to volunteering at the library. NEVER repeat the name, contact information, or reference question of any patron who visits the library.

By checking 'I Agree,' you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms stated in the Volunteen Conduct Agreement AND that you have your parent/guardian's permission to volunteer.