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A variety of volunteer positions are offered at our hospital. Some require more physical stamina than others. To help us best match your skills and abilities to the needs of the hospital, we would appreciate you providing some additional information. The hospital works to provide reasonable accommodations for any disabilities as long as the safety of our patients and our volunteers is not jeopardized and the volunteer is able to perform the essential duties of the role.

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I understand that I will be required to attend additional orientation classes in order to be fully informed about health and safety regulations at San Antonio Regional Hospital.

I understand that I will have to authorize a background check before I can begin volunteering.

I understand that I will be required to have a health screening which includes a TB test and flu vaccination, as well as provide proof of COVID Vaccine and Booster.

I give my consent to use my name and/or my photograph published on the hospital’s website,, or the hospital’s social media properties.

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I understand that the position requires me to volunteer a minimum of 100 hours.

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