Volunteer Group Registration

Please complete the brief information below, consider providing your group's photographic consent, and review the Agreement section. This form should be submitted by the group leader. As the group leader, by submitting this form all of the individuals listed below are also in agreement to the volunteer terms outlined in the Agreement section. An asterisks indicates a required field.

General Information

Please list all members of the group below:

As group leader, you assume responsibility for the supervision of the volunteers listed below.


Please indicate the date(s), days, times, and locations that your group is available to volunteer.

Skills & Experience

Please help us get to know your group better! In which of these areas do you feel your group has moderate to excellent skill?

Volunteer Opportunities

What types of volunteer opportunities are your group interested in?

Photo Release

I hereby give my permission to be photographed by a representative of The Salvation Army for the sole purpose of promotion of the services available at The Salvation Army. I also understand that I have the option at any time not to be photographed if I choose.

Please check the box below if you give permission to be photographed.


For purposes of this Statement, the words “child” and “children” mean individuals below the age of 18 years. Your agreement is required regardless of whether you will work with children or not.

As the applicant described above, I do hereby represent to The Salvation Army, with the understanding that The Salvation Army will rely upon the information provided in considering my application for work with children, that the foregoing information and following statements are true:

1. In my prior volunteer work, I have never used a name other than that set forth above.

2. I have never been accused of abuse of a child or of actual or attempted sexual molestation of a child, either in a program for children or otherwise.

3. I have never been arrested as a result of a charge of child abuse or of actual or attempted sexual molestation of a child.

4. I have never been convicted of child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted sexual molestation of a child.

5. I authorize any of the churches or other organizations and their representatives and my personal references listed above to give to The Salvation Army any information they may have regarding my character and fitness for work with children. I release all such organizations and individuals from any liability that may result from their furnishing such information to The Salvation Army. I wave any right that I may have to inspect any records containing such information.

6. I am aware that The Salvation Army is a branch of the Christian Church and I agree that I will conduct myself in my work with children in a way which is consistent with the religious and charitable policies and principles of The Salvation Army.

7. Having provided the foregoing information and having affirmed the foregoing statements are true, I recognize that any false information or statements are punishable under the laws relating to perjury.